OSBBx Introduces App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

OSBBx Introduces App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook! 


One of the challenges facing users on the BlackBerry PlayBook, is the difficulty in finding open source applications and ensuring you have the latest version.  OSBBx would like to present App Centre, a team application put together to allow users to download the latest version of open source and free applications directly to the BlackBerry PlayBook or PC.


  • PB Version:  Localbar 2 support built in for on-device installation
  • Win Version:  BAR installation tools built in allowing for download and immediate installation
  • Browse the latest emulators and open source applications right from your PlayBook


  • .BAR Download link for the BlackBerry PlayBook:  Download
  • .EXE Download link for Windows:   Download 
  • Mobile Version:  Visit

Special Thanks to all the OSBBx team members who contributed to this app!  As a combined effort we had over 10 people contributing on this project.

More information available at the OSBBx Development Site here: OSBBx Introduces App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook! (1017)


Some Flash Games for Fun

Free Flash Games

Below is a list of flash games that I have found that work well on touch devices. They were made by other companies, with great minds so please bear in mind these were not made by me.  IF you find anymore, please add them to the comments and I will post them once I verify they work well.

To use these files:

1)  Click on the link, let it load.

2)  Double click on the flash file to launch it in full screen and just play!

See your game here and want it gone?  Just let me know :) and its done.

Tower Defence:



Flash-Element-TD (not sure..)

Invasion-TD (like c n c)


Johnny-Rocket-Fingers-2 (ok) NSFW, but funny



Get-Out-V2 (lil weird but cool)

Nightmares-of-Leia-Ray (wtf is this)

Movie Like





Sniper-Escape (cool)

Student-Park (weird but cool)


zombie-golf-riot (evil dead)


turkeyshoot (bad ass)

snipe those bitches (great)



Balance-2 (ok)



Tilt-2 (1653)


PlayBook – Increasing the Sleep Mode past 5 mins and other fine mods.

Hi Everyone,

Ever want to change your sleep time past 5 mins?  Or access settings you normally can’t?  Well, I can show you how to change them!  But do so at your own discretion.  Keep your original backup files!  And play carefully!  You can change your sleep length and other factors beyond the OS limits.


I used to do some strange things to my BlackBerry 8900.  Primarily, I would back it up and use a HexEditor to change settings (maximum password retries for example) to use settings not available to other people (setting it to 255 tries).

This weekend I decided to see what could be done with the PlayBook.  If you want to really access settings you normally cannot access this tutorial may be for you.  With the exploration, came some information new to me.

Accessing your Advanced Data

First, Backup your Playbook (unencrypted) using Desktop Manager 6.

Install WinRAR or another advanced .ZIP utility.

You should have a <filename>.BBB file as your backup.  Rename it to .ZIP (lots of companies seem to do this).

Unzip the file.

You should now see the following files:




unzip the settings.tar too!

Now you have tons of files.  All of these files are in plain text XML format.  Don’t use Windows Notepad to edit them, use something like EditPad Lite.

When you are done, packup your settings.tar again from the settings subfolder.

Tip:  You need to actually be in the settings folder and zipping from in there

Now, repackage the entire package and rename it to a different .BBB than you used originally.  The original is now your ‘safety’ backup, this one is your ‘hacked’ one.

Using the Changes

Reload the backup onto your PlayBook.


BlackBerry occasionally catches on to these things and resets your values or hard-limits them.  So if you set your sleep mode to 99 years, its probably going to default back to 300 seconds.

Cool Files to Edit


This folder contains all your wifi, vpn and tethering information including certificates.


This contains your sleep mode settings.

What do we know of the file structure now?


(Looks like some options and settings)




(Looks like application data)


(Looks like some options and settings)


Here you will find your book marks etc.

Folders per the XML files

In short, think of them as a Unix style file system with the username effectively being 1000.

Security Risks

I can see why encrypting these backups is important.  I can pull a users username, email address, VPN information, wifi connection information, VPN certificates, etc all from using the methods above

I hope this helps you find fund things to do to your PlayBook!  I suspect this may hep with loading information into your PlayBook into areas you might normally not be able to access.


~Lloyd (949)


Tethering a PlayBook through Rogers

Tethering a Laptop (PlayBook below) through Rogers

Requirements:  You need to be running BlackBerry OS 5+ on your phone, and BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5+.  You need a 1GB+ data plan with Rogers.

If your like me, and you follow the Rogers drafted tethering instructions, you may find tt it will not connect. 

Instructions are below for both PC and PlayBook but could be wrapped to many devices.

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Want to know how to play SWF’s locally on the PlayBook?


Playing SWFs Locally or after Downloading Them to your PlayBook (including adding an icon!)

Difficulty:  Pretty easy

Step 1 – Install a Local Web Browser from the App Store.  In this case, Offline Viewer.

Link:  http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/36273?lang=en

Note:  This will let you browse only your root /media/downloads folder for viewing, however you can link to any subfolder

Step 2 – Download a wack of SWF files.  Need a torrent?

http://thepiratebay.org/search/flash%20games < – Grab ‘very addicting flash games’ torrent


Step 3 – Place them into a subfolder (i.e. downloads/flash_games/)

Step 4 – Add a root index.html under (downloads/) with hyperlinks to the files

Step 5 – Use the Viewer to open the file into your browser

Step 6 – Create a bookmark in your browser, save it to your Home (all)

Step 7 – Hold the icon a few seconds in the All tab and move it to the Games tab


Tip:  Want to know how to create a list fast and easy?  Use your old dos / batch file tools.

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Installing Android on your PlayBook

Looking for the DDPB Installer to install Andorid Apps from Crackberry ?  Your at the wrong link!  You are linking for this one:




Wanting Android apps on your PlayBook?  Or Beta apps like the AngryBirds?  This only works on old non 2.0 Beta OS users running 1.6.

Below are some handy steps (and quick download links) for installing Android on your PlayBook.  Its pretty quick and takes about 10 minutes if nothing goes wrong.  My instructions are a little bit different than everyone else, but thats because I ran into three problems during the setup.  By following these steps you should be a-0-k with minimal effort.  In addition, as a disclaimer, if something goes wrong… well your stuck googling it to find an answer because this is not RIM recommended or approved.

Before all else – Backup your BBPB.


Java Development Kit

Step 1 – Download and install the appropriate JDK below

> Download: 32bit

> Download: 64bit


Side-Loader Application, this will let you add APK’s and BAR files

Step 2 – Install the DDPB Installer 1.0.0 (no dos commands today folks)

> Download: DDPB Installer.msi

Step 3 – Update to the later release by using the DDPB Installer 1.0.7

> Download: DDPB Installer1.0.7.msi

Note:  Some people can install right to the 1.0.7 version.  However, I’ve seen at least one system not work on that release.

Also Note:  When you run the app, it will warn twice that files are missing – THATS ok press continue.  If it says Java missing, file will exit however – that means the JDK isn’t being detected and the file wont reach the PlayBook.


Installing the Android Emulator

Step 4 – Download the following file and use the DDPB Installer to push it to your device

> Download: sys.android.bar

What can I install now?

Any APK’s you send to your device will appear only inside the Android Emulator.  So, you need to make sure it is installed first.  Also, if you do not live in North America, you cannot use the BlackBerry App Store.  In that case you will need to find BAR files to install such as some of the ones I put below.

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