OSBBx Introduces App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

OSBBx Introduces App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook! 


One of the challenges facing users on the BlackBerry PlayBook, is the difficulty in finding open source applications and ensuring you have the latest version.  OSBBx would like to present App Centre, a team application put together to allow users to download the latest version of open source and free applications directly to the BlackBerry PlayBook or PC.


  • PB Version:  Localbar 2 support built in for on-device installation
  • Win Version:  BAR installation tools built in allowing for download and immediate installation
  • Browse the latest emulators and open source applications right from your PlayBook


  • .BAR Download link for the BlackBerry PlayBook:  Download
  • .EXE Download link for Windows:   Download 
  • Mobile Version:  Visit

Special Thanks to all the OSBBx team members who contributed to this app!  As a combined effort we had over 10 people contributing on this project.

More information available at the OSBBx Development Site here: OSBBx Introduces App Centre for the BlackBerry PlayBook! (986)


Streaming Video to your Tablet


Streaming Video to your PlayBook – iPad below. (Anyone have Android suggestions?)

For those of you who stream video to your Xbox 360 via Tversity, this should be an easy change. You have several different options, most of them are browser based.

ORB is one of the best.  I  haven’t had a chance to look at it too carefully, but it has massive support for all kinds of tablets and devices.  With ORB you can literally go with a plug-and-play solution.

TVERSITY is what I use, because I use it for my Xbox 360.

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Want to know how to play SWF’s locally on the PlayBook?


Playing SWFs Locally or after Downloading Them to your PlayBook (including adding an icon!)

Difficulty:  Pretty easy

Step 1 – Install a Local Web Browser from the App Store.  In this case, Offline Viewer.

Link:  http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/36273?lang=en

Note:  This will let you browse only your root /media/downloads folder for viewing, however you can link to any subfolder

Step 2 – Download a wack of SWF files.  Need a torrent?

http://thepiratebay.org/search/flash%20games < – Grab ‘very addicting flash games’ torrent


Step 3 – Place them into a subfolder (i.e. downloads/flash_games/)

Step 4 – Add a root index.html under (downloads/) with hyperlinks to the files

Step 5 – Use the Viewer to open the file into your browser

Step 6 – Create a bookmark in your browser, save it to your Home (all)

Step 7 – Hold the icon a few seconds in the All tab and move it to the Games tab


Tip:  Want to know how to create a list fast and easy?  Use your old dos / batch file tools.

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