Building an Arduino Temperature Sensor with an LCD Display–Part 2


In a previous article, I discussed how to create a Nokia 5110 LCD Display with a TMP36 sensor.  Today I will cover this in more detail, with a bit more detail around the how!


In this article, I’m just going to list the parts I used.

  • Mini breadboard – $3 China | $4 Sparkfun / Newark
  • Nokia 5110 – $3 China | $10 Sparkfun / Newark
  • Arduino Uno – $10 China | $30 Sparkfun / Newark ***
  • TMP36 – 5$ China | $1.50 Sparkfun / Newark
  • Potentiometer – $1.10 China | $1 Sparkfun / Newark
  • 4 x 10kΩ resistor – cheap
  • 1 x 330Ω resister – cheap
  • 1 x 1kΩ resistor – cheap

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RetroRogue for BlackBerry 10 – Well Worth 99 cents


I just want to say, I gave this game a try, and absolutely love it.  Its a rogue-like, which I’ve been waiting forever for on BlackBerry 10.  Which is a fancy way of saying once you die – your DEAD.  No magical life number two.  You start all over.  This game is for the hardcore for sure.

There have been a few really fun little RPG games for BlackBerry 10 that I love, such as The Depths and this one.

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Arduino – Working with RGB LEDs

This short tutorial will show you how to get started using multicoloured LED’s with Arduino.  Specifically common anode and common cathode and to control the red, blue and green separately.  This means multicoloured blinky lights!  And later, you will be able to see a sample of how to control this with Wi-Fi.

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Arduino – Calculating Required Resistor Values

Have you ever hooked something up to power … and noticed it either smoking or a strange pop followed by silence or a broken device?  The most common cause is too high of a voltage.  Every component on your electronic devices can only handle voltages up to a certain point.  I’m going to show you a simple formula to calculate the required resistor values when working with Arduino.

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Arduino – Getting started Guide

Getting Started with Arduino

Hi everyone!


Today is an exciting day. I was recently asked to write a series of articles focusing on Arduino for Connectedly and what better way to get started than to write up a quick getting started article!

What Does It Do

Have you ever wished you could remotely control devices at your home? Or wanted to log information like the outdoor temperature for a full year? Or maybe create a solar powered blinking t-shirt? These things are all relatively easy now thanks to Arduino.

What To Expect

I consider myself a tinkerer or maybe even a mad scientist in some circles. If you imagine my house as covered in electronics and gizmos… well you would be absolutely correct! I come from a software development background (you may recognize me from my BlackBerry 10 applications and games) and I have worked with electronics for a long time.

Throughout these articles, I will walk you through using an Arduino development board. We will start with the very basics, and move to the more advanced. And hopefully you will catch the excitement I have for this platform!

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