It has been a few busy days, and Flippy Bird 3D seems to be starting its ramp-down. So what should I do to fill the time I wonder?

In memory of my time crafting Secure AntiVirus Pro and Flippy Bird 3D, I spent a significant amount of time watching Netflix.

Specifically, Breaking Bad.

Well, what better way to honour the memory of a great TV show than to create… a Pinkman Soundboard!

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Finally after 2 Years – Got a #1 Seller on BlackBerry

After 48 hours on BlackBerry, Flippy Bird 3d is doing quite well!

Get it here:


Yep, the downside – being a top seller usually only lasts a few days.

Well to celebrate – I am proud to announce I’ve added support for some Windows devices. And working on iOS.


And if you are worried I forgot about rewarding my BlackBerry fans – scratch that thought as I have weeks worth of updates coming for you peeps.

The game keeps getting better every day.



Flapping Brontosaurus sent to AppWorld & Android

Download links below.


Well, what exactly is flapping brontosaurus?

Warning: Its not exactly safe for work!!! So you will need to click on more info to see the screenshots.

Essentially it is this : It is a brontosaurus in a field eating grass. You shake the device really fast to break him and beat the game.  And if you find the game too easy, touch the screen to turn off the lights and only shake his shadow!

This is one of those apps you want to install on your friends phone and leave it their for them to find it.

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Flappy Bird 3D Clone – Sent to AppWorld

What can happen in 24 hours ?


Today, I played a little game called Flappy Bird for iOS.

Cute, fun and addictive!  Then the developer announced they were pulling the game from platforms, with no intention of adding new ones.

So, what did I do about it?  In 8 hours, I built an entire Flappy Bird clone, feature complete, in a 3D environment with true physics, a score system that saves, and even animated many parts of the game.

I also submitted it to BlackBerry World.  Booyah!

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Mr Nibbles BETA sent to AppWorld


This is still a very early beta, but it shows you the very unique touch controls class I built for AIR.

Unfortunately there are a bunch of latency issues to resolve still and it may require removal of music.  But it is a strong start to a fun game!  When the game becomes available in the next 24 hours or so, you can grab it from this link:



working with GPS and GSM on Arduino–Part 1 of 2 (SIM908)


Part 1:  Getting the GSM working

One of the projects I’m undertaking is a remote GPS tracker for my vehicle.

True, you can purchase these in the 30 dollar range from Deal Extreme if you search vehicle trackers.  However, I did see questions regarding temperature and stability.  And one of the worries for me is the websites used for tracking are individually controlled by small companies in China (which could go out of business at any moment).

With that said, GPS and GSM combo units from popular sites such as SparkFun, AdaFruit or CanadianRobotics are likely to run in the 100$ area.  An alternative, is to use a unit such as a SIM908 module at ElectroDragon for 42$, which is a little more affordable and matches my cheap “I’m just learning, I’m going to break it, I don’t want to spend a lot on it” period in my arduino timeline.

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Building an Arduino Temperature Sensor with an LCD Display


As part of my learning curve for open source hardware, and basic electronics.  This project wont take you very long, maybe an hour at most.

What this does is pretty straight forward, it shows the temperature in real time for both Celsius and Fahrenheit.  I’ve added some code to the Nokia, which uses the analogWrite trick (that is, use one of the digital outputs that has a tilde in front of it ( ~ ).  This will let you send a modulating frequency, which means you can make the LED (backlight in this case) brighter and dimmer.  The brightness of this display is controlled using the trimpot (potentiometer).

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