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OSVR Server Launcher for Unity

Are you a developer, working on a Unity game, and your working with OSVR? If so, you might want to grab the latest snippit I uploaded to our repository!  Its a simple set of scripts for getting your OSVR server up and running. Getting

OSVR Open Source Virtual Realty

Earlier this month, Razer released a new update to their amazing OSVR helmet, specifically the third-generation hacker-kit.  For me, this is very important, as I'm starting to transition FileArchiveHaven from a 3-ecosystem mobile company to an

Cyber Monday Sale & Features

BlackBerry Developers Blog Big thanks to BlackBerry (and Michael from QtHelex) for the coverage of Vector Wars this week on the BlackBerry developer blog.  The support of the community, BlackBerry and other developers is huge and goes a long

Website Revamped

As some of you may have noticed, our previous website revamp looked fantastic - however the load time was extremely slow. After more testing and analysis than I'd like to go into, we've narrowed down the issue.  We also decided not just to

Licensing 3rd Party Apps and Games

I recently had an interesting discussion with someone over licensing, and how licensing works with 3rd party applications and games and more importantly, what role I choose to play in this regard.  They seemed very confused over what licensing is,

Hacking the EmoSPARK IP Camera

I saw someone earlier asking about accessing the IP camera, costs of the IP camera etc. I hacked into mine so I could do something with it (the EmoSPARK itself is fairly useless to me at the moment).  Below will show you how to connect this IP

The Making of Vector Wars

As a developer, every now and then you find yourself on a project of passion.  These are apps and games of immense value to you personally, that you just loved creating.  The app or game may sell miserably and family may have missed you for weeks

Simply Bowling Release Promo

I'm proud to announce another app released! Simply Bowling. Simply Bowling is a multiplayer bowling game for BlackBerry 10. It supports hot seat, online multiplayer, AI with varying levels or single player mode. Several lanes to choose

Beta Apps - Unfinished Toys

As a developer, there are many times where I don't "quite" finish an application.  And today, while hunting for a screenshot, I realized my camera folder was full of hidden goodies. Sometimes I get busy, or I forget, or its a half-assembled

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