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  1. Can you organize your bookmarks (move up or down in the bookmark list, move into folders) with Secure Browser or is their order in the list locked when created (like in the current Blackberry browser)? Cheers, Bill

    1. Its not as easy as it should be… I have an improvement coming in the next release, but it will be the service pack after that will really add better support for managing favorites. Its a rough system right now.

        1. Great question, Work and life have picked up recently. But, next item for Secure is a completely new Bookmark system. I have the design sheets finished. I have some debates around screencaps versus icons and text list versus graphical. So right now I am planning for both. Outside of an improved look, the plan is to improve bookmark navigation by making it easier and more attractive to use. New feature will be ability to swap bookmark locations. Havent decided if we should add subfolders yet as it would need a rewrite of import/export code and how the favs are stored on the system. Thoughts/comments/ideas? Ed

  2. I purchased your secure browser for Playbook but only to find it does not work with websites with self signed certificates. Browsers normally pop up a warning to allow users to choose to accept or reject a self signed certificate. Your browser does not give any certificate security warning nor load the web page. Please fix this problem. Thx

    1. Hmm, do you have an example of a website? I happen to be working on a service pack and can make sure we get something in there for ya.

      1. Thank you for the quick response. Since testing of such a case needs a user account and password, it is better for you to add https with openssl to your site for private use. You can generate a self signed certificate yourself. Please note that playbook os 2.0 broke this as well. It will pop up a warning but do not cache user acceptance of a self signed certificate. The browser worked fine before os 2.0. That was the whole reason I purchased your browser a few days ago. You can try windows ie and it works. I trust you will get it fixed and will not ask for a refund.

  3. Hi there, The secure favs plus the ability to store logins etc. is really good. I understand that i can copy a stored password to the clipboard, navigate to a url and paste the password. My question: shouldn’t the “security” settings page have the option “clear clipboard upon close”? I really would like to see this. Best regards, Christian

      1. Ah. Downloading was added in last release. No dl bar yet – but it does save files to ur documents. Will improve as we go 🙂

  4. Hi. When using the secure browser on the playbook I find that I can’t save jpg files. The regular browser does (though it asks for the saved file’s new name) Am I forgetting something? Thanks for your contribution to the playbook space.

  5. Hi, I tried to export my favorites from both the trial and full version of secure browser but the html did not show up in my “documents” folder. The secure version could (obviously) not find it to import either. Is there a special setting needed to import/export? Thank you!

    1. Hey Steve, Hmm thats odd. No special options but it does have a dependency. Checking permissions: Swipe down and go into Options Select Security > Application Permissions (it may take a minute to load) Look for Secure Browser / Secure Browser Trial Make sure Files says Allowed If you have to change that setting, restart Secure Browser Enable Logging Go to your Options in the app Go all the way right Turn Logging: On Try an Export From the main view, press the second icon from the right (Favorites View) Press Export Type in a single word, no extension. Such as “bookmarktest” Press OK Try an Import Press Import Select Add (best way to test, so you dont overwrite your current bookmarks) Find your file (probably last page, last item) Press OK If no file exists, Check what files were created Connect your PB to your PC via Wifi or USB Browse your files Go to /shared/documents See if your bookmarks exists with the wrong extension? Look for SecBLogFile.txt Send me an email: http://www.filearchivehaven.com/about/contact-us/ Note: You can paste the contents of the .txt file into the description box if you like. Note #2: You can also press View Log (last page of Secure Browser Options) to see the log yourself and to copy/paste from it easily.

  6. Hi I bought Secure Browser app on my PlayBook because unlike the default browser it can open the website I use for studying. But unfortunately since one week I ve been using it, it can t open/read the pdf files that I download It says Impossible d ouvrir le fichier=unable to open the file Those files don’t even appear in my Documents folder So how can I do?

    1. Hi there, Unfortunately the playbook does not support embedded pdfs. The best we can do is Hold down over the link and selec Download. It will save the pdf to your dovuments I believe or downloads (don’t remember which one it puts pdfs in) Ed

  7. Hi, Could you please add some animations when showing tabs, opening tabs and closing tabs, etc? It’s too blocky. Also, Is it possible to introduce one more theme for icons, that looks really nice? I personally don’t like all the themes available cause they look really ugly… 🙁 I like this browser because I can choose user agent to iPad, and also have more than 4 tabs, unlike simple browser. Also, just ONE more thing, the “x” in the tabs page are really ugly too in my opinion, with the red colour. Is it possible to use some modern looking “x” icon? Thanks, and I’ll be waiting!!

    1. Hi sw6lee, Currently I am working on porting this to BB10 with about 40 of my other apps – specifically for the dev alpha which uses 1280×768 as well as phones (1280×720) and (720×720). This is requiring a lot of UI work for resizing and restructuring for all the apps. Especially when you consider the PlayBook uses 1024×600 – which is inversely proportionate to the device sizes. Meaning the current Secure Browser does not scale well. I currently have requests to add custom themes + 1 new theme – which should allow you to set it up in a way that is better for you. I have animations on the back burner as I work on functionality changes. It is on the radar but with the number of apps I am pushing changes to for BB10 (and my daytime work requiring a lot of time these days) I suspect animations will not be here for BB10. Cheers – hope that helps! But I do have these on the radar 🙂 and this app will be going to BB10. Ed

    1. Hmm my reply vanished 🙂 I removed the home button a while back based on user feedback on Crackberry. The toolbar was getting very cluttered. You can really see that on bb10. Anyway if you press your tabs button and X your current tab – when you exit the tab page your browser goes home. Or you can select a new tab which also defaults to home. I’m debating adding a custom toolbar for the next major release. But it’s a lot of delicate work so I haven’t fully decided yet… Ed

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