BlackBerry + Android, and thank you DDPB Installer

In my previous post on the subject, I covered how to install Android Player on your BlackBerry!  Well, now you don’t have to!

Step 1 – Backup your PlayBook.  Because if something goes wrong, you will be happy you did!

Java Development Kit

Java Development Kit

Step 2 – Download and install the appropriate JDK below

Note:  You must use the right version for your system or the installer will fail to work.

Side-Loader Application, this will let you add APK’s and BAR files

Step 3 – Install DDPB Installer 1.0.7

> Download: DDPB Installer1.0.7.msi (Link fixed)

Step 4 – On your PlayBook, go into options – Security – Development Mode.  Turn Development mode on

Step 5 – Plug in your BlackBerry PlayBook using your USB cable to the PC.

Step 6 – Start installing BAR files using DDPB Installer!

For more information on the DDPB Installer visit this link.

Need some BAR files that were former Android packages?  Check this link or this link (which has a ton).




41 thoughts on “BlackBerry + Android, and thank you DDPB Installer

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  2. hi, sry if its a stupid question, but i am pretty bad with this kind of stuff. when i install ddpb and after i open it, i put in the correct ip and password but i dont now how to submit, there is no button that says it. i would really appreciate some help,thanks eoin

    1. Select the apps youu want to install Enter the ip for your playbook Enter the password for your playbook On the right press Install

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  4. Srry not very computer smart i installed the DDPM but when it opens its just a Z file in my office suite the is no box to add my ip it picked up the ip itself but i dont see a way to to get to the apps box feel really dumb

  5. Hi I’m told side loading is legal is this right cz I’m not sure if its worth doing since I’m getting my pb tomorrow and don’t want to break it thanx

    1. Its perfectly O-K. Sideloading is a fancy way of saying developer-testing or beta-testing an application. Its allowed and the tools are given out by RIM 🙂

  6. Ok thanx erm do u need to keep up with updates so on so forth and are there any major downfalls of using sideloading

    1. Nope, no updates to worry about. :). There are only two issuws i have seen. When you backup your PlayBook it wont backup any sideloaded games or game settings. And some converted Android apps (if you sideload them) can cause your PlayBooks AppData to corrupt. Has no immediate negative impact but your PB may not backup anymore. And in some rare cases your Android app side may not retain data anymore. Ed

    1. Its not like an ipod jailbreak. Its hard and does some stuff. But it doesnt work in latest versions of the os. Xsacha just released the source code.

  7. i am having problems with my playbook i already put the market on my playbook , but it work work asking tht i need an account , and when i click it sends me back to the home screen.

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