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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Disclaimer:  I am not responsible for making these apps, so please give credit where it is due in the individual threads.

I thought I would provide a new update for everyone one on:

MUST have applications you need to sideload today.  Don’t know how to Sideload?  Check here.  For you Mac users, you may need to create a VirtualBox with Windows or some other emulation trick.

DGEN, Download, Forum Link * NEW

Allows you to play Genesis ROMS’s

GBColor, Download, Forum Link * NEW

Allows you to play Genesis ROMS’s

PCSX-ReARMed, Download, Forum Link

Note:  Install app.  Run once to create folders and exit.  Save this bios file to PB\media\misc\pcsx-rearmed-pb\bios.  Save your ISO’s to PB\media\misc\pcsx-rearmed-pb\iso.

MeltChip/CHIP8, Download, Forum Link

Note: Find the actual files here on the github.  Not sure, but the rom might need to be compiled at buildtime in the NDK.

ZX Spectrum 48,128 emulator, Download, Forum Link

Note: “The top left of the screen opens up a menu and file selector option. From the menu selector you can navigate around your filesystem and load .sna .tzx .zip speccy games.  For now you’ll have to also select beeper, tape or AY for audio depending on the mode of the emulator so it’s a couple of steps to get a game loaded.”  Roms here.  Torrent here.

Unzip the roms anywhere.  For example, lets say misc/roms/zx.  To find this, browse to accounts/1000/shared/misc/roms/zx.

NES Emulator FCEUXpb, Download REVAMPED Forum Link

Note:  Store your ROMs in misc/roms/nes (file extension and folder need to be lower case)

GBA Emulator VBAMpb, Download Forum Link UPDATED

Note:  Store your ROMs in misc/roms/gba (file extension and folder need to be lower case)

SNES Emulator snes9x, Download Forum Link UPDATED

Note:  Store your ROMs in misc/snes9x-pb/rom (file extension and folder need to be lower case)

DosBox, Download Forum Link

Note:  You can edit the DosBox config file here: misc/dosbox/dosbox.cfg to set your autorun, mount, and launch settings.

Desktop Browser, Download Forum Link

Note:  Became Secure Browser and available for purchase here.

Google Desktop, Download Forum Link

Note:  Discontinued and not going to appworld.  I highly recommend this application instead.

Quake 3, Download Forum Link

Note:  Maps in:  /misc/quake3/baseq3, OS2 Only

ScummVM for PlayBook, Download Forum Link

Note:  Games stored in:  /misc

HuGo for PlayBook, Download Forum Link UPDATED

Note:  Games stored in:  ???

Atari800 for PlayBook, Download Forum Link UPDATED

Note:  Update \misc\atari800\atari800.cfg to reference the BIOS ‘rom’ files:


Amazon.com Webworks Launcher, SCrid2000, DownloadArchive Link

eBay Webworks Launcher, SCrid2000, Download, Archive Link

eScreen Unlocker (for BB eScreen), SCrid2000, Download, Archive Link

BB Protect Launcher (RIM Icon version), SCrid2000, Download, Archive Link

Please visit urls to make sure your files are up-to-date and how to use them.  Each of these requires specific files uploaded to specific folders.  Keep everything lower case.

Cloned CrackBerry thread (in case you want to follow the comments):  http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?p=7082378#post7082378



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