LocalBar 2 for BlackBerry 10


First, a special thank you to yohanes who shared his code with me to allow the bb10 port to be built.

I am proud to present a BlackBerry 10 release for LocalBar2!

Download Here:

New Features:

  • Z10 release
  • 2 Q10 releases (one scaled, an one shrunk)
  • Notifies users on new version release
  • Resized graphics
  • Added full name fade view on press
  • 100 items (oh yes)
  • 6 classes
  • 60 quests *

* Note: This will make more sense later to some folks.

Known Bugs:

  • Closes when minimized
  • Slow launch
  • Not as aware of BAR success as predecessor




3 thoughts on “LocalBar 2 for BlackBerry 10

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  2. Hey guys I have a problem. Can not bar. install files on the Z10. I’m currently on the z10 OS .Can not install Do you have some tip for me. Excuse me but my english is not perfect. Bye Miguel

    1. Hey there. Yohanes just released Bar Install which makes this obsolete http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=845280 His website is also http://yohan.es Cheers

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