You May Have Noticed…


There were a few small hiccups here and there in the last 24 hours.

Well now what in the sam hell..

We’ve been with the same host a long time: site5.org.  They recently started to show warning notifications that FileArchiveHaven has grown too big for its package and has been moved to a new host!

I discussed several options with site5 – including moving from a 4/m package to a 50/m package (that was nice of them).  After some push back they recommended going from a 4/m package to a 12/m package.  However, after careful consideration, I decided to go with a Dedicated Linux VDS from NFOServers for about 13/m.  Oh my, I just gave away my pricing.

I was advised by Site5 that it surely is just a script issue.  At their insistence, I was voluntold to have a Site5 senior support team members analyze this closer and sure enough we had no script problems what so ever.  Instead it was bandwidth (10GB a day) issue causing CPU load.  Interesting as we are called FileArchiveHaven and our package includes unlimited bandwidth.

After all that, Site5 advised me they were wrong – the site is just fine and I can ignore the alerts until they change their mind.

So whats a boy supposed to do?

Well, I love this website, and I’m not big on if’s and maybe’s.

So in the last 48 hours we started migrating to the new VDS.  In truth, this would have gone smoother if I slept more (less mistakes) and Site5 was able to provide proper DNS support without a hosting account.

However, long story short, we did an over night move over to NFOServers.  NFO team has been great and I currently have many websites and VDS’s that I use through them.

The move was brutal.  We couldn’t just use automated tools to migrate (as FileArchiveHaven is about 12GB big – the WordPress database alone is about 90MB).  I still have some quirks to work out (why did the database stop talking to itself this morning?) and its a good flash back to my UNIX days.  But with all of that said, FAH seems faster and more responsive than ever 🙂

So, new server, faster equipment, new provider = a few hiccups to get there.

– Ed


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