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Secure AntiVirus 2.0.0.xx has been submitted to AppWorld

I spent many hours recoding this to improve speed and reliability.  The biggest improvement is the ‘smartscan’ function, which allows the AV to ‘remember’ what files it scanned before!

Whats next?

Now that the release seems stable, the next big update will be a move from AS3 to Cascades.  During this move, I will be adding headless app support – keeping in mind it is going to take a while to finish the re-coding.  Just know, that I have been working on this app (its the hardest app in my portfolio to maintain).

Once we move to Cascades, the AIR code will be going to github as open source for future developers to learn 🙂

– Still slower than I like, but because it remembers files it scanned, it means each scan is ‘faster’ than the last one.  With that said, the update has increased speed and added an ETA mode in tile mode.

– Rewrote the virus scanning engine (I know, right?)
– Actually, rewrote 40% of the entire code base
– Significant cleanup (removed 3k lines of code!)
– Much more accurate AV scan (3 layers, oh yeah)
– Created SmartScan mode
– Now remembers files it scanned before
– Reduced latency with long-term use
– Improved tile graphics
– Can see the future (added ETA on the active tile)
– Added two updater bars, one for progress, one for current file
– One slide help image added (easier for new folks)
– Created test files for quarantine testing
– Made settings & AV_DB user accessible
– Some fixes for Z30 users (havent forgot about you)
– Added many last minute fixes

Link to appworld:



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