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BlackBerry 10 AIR Camera Flash ANE


With BlackBerry having recently announced the death of AIR, including the planned removal of applications from user phones, I thought I would leave a small present for other BlackBerry AIR developers on their final build months.

Freeware & Open Source : BlackBerry 10 ANE for AIR, Access to Camera Flash

What it does: 

This allows AIR developers to turn the phones flash on and off.

How to setup an ANE in AIR:

Step 1:  Launch Adobe Flash Builder

Step 2:  Drag and Drop the ANE to your projects SRC folder

Step 3:  Open bardescriptor.xml and add the following to the permissions section:

  • <permission system=“true”>run_air_native</permission>

Step 4:  Right click on your project and select properties

Step 5:  Select ActionScript Build Path, Native Extensions tab, press Add ANE, and browse to your projects SRC folder to pick the file CameraFlashBB10_16.ane

Step 6:  Select ActionScript Build Packaging and open BlackBerry

Step 7:  Select Native Extensions, scroll to the right, and check Package beside the ANE above

How to use the ANE:

Now it can be referenced like any object.

  • import com.FileArchiveHaven.CameraFlash.CameraFlashBB10;
  • private var flashANE:CameraFlashBB10 = new CameraFlashBB10();

Available Commands:

  • flashANE.myver – Returns a string with the version of the ANE
  • flashANE.flashOn(); – Returns a Number that is the flash instance
  • flashAne.flashOff(Number); – Turns off a flash instance with the flash instance specified

ANE, Sample Project, and BAR

Download the Package



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