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EaseUS Problems Means EaseUS Todo Backup 7 – License Giveaway

As some of you may remember, proper backups are a big deal to me. And having both incremental backups restorable from RAID 5 and from cloud is equally important to me.  And now that I moved away from EaseUS Todo Backup, I have some licenses to give away.

disaster recovery 9.jpgTL;DR?

Areca is great but got a little buggy after many years of backups. EaseUS support is great but their backup software is problematic. And Acronis is the evil king under the lonely mountain (but really does appear to do backups the best).  Hop to the bottom to grab the keys, or if you want a bit more info on issues just read ahead.


About 3 months ago I started to have issues with Areca backup after a bad incremental backup kind of spoiled my backup storage. No ill will, they covered me for years and I’ve donated plenty back but it made me think maybe it was time to go commercial. I tested a dozen backup solutions from Comodo to Acronis, and felt both EaseUS and Acronis best met my needs.  Ultimately I decided to make a jump to EaseUS and picked up 3 PC licenses (partially because of good experiences with EaseUS and a good discount).

Unfortunately, this new backup relationship did not last long.  The backups stopped a month in and the software would no longer launch or load.

The newest version was not a free upgrade and reinstalling as advised by support resulted in a complete loss of backup configurations for me. I found setup somewhat tedious with 5+ backup schedules to build and limitations for complex configurations.  I also found some of my backups would error and fail when they tried to backup certain temp files.  Needless to say, I have switched this time to Acronis, who I’ve had great experiences with in the past year with commercial applications and I wanted you to know what you would be getting into with using EaseUS.

What does this mean to you?

Support is unable refund my keys and well, I’m on Acronis now. So what can I do with the keys?

I worked with their support to free them up so I could at least gift them out. These are legitimate single use keys for EaseUS Todo Backup 7 for folks who can use them, enjoy! They are first-come-first-serve.



If your more interested in Acronis, before you do anything be sure to check out their coupon codes!  Just be cautious, some codes are only upgrade keys versus actual purchases.  And their Unlimited product is actually their only product limited to yearly subscriptions (sometimes you just have to love marketing people).


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