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Announcing DIS10 – Free Unofficial Discord Client for BB10

Seeking a Discord 10 client for BB10?  We got you covered.

If you are like me, and holding onto your BB10 device for dear life – and especially using a passport, you may also find some things just can’t work.

Anyway, as some of you know, I helped launch a new game company (Red Iron Labs) and we rely on discord like crazy. Discord, unfortunately, is unusable as an APK and the website doesn’t work on my Passport…

So, without further ado, a really bad web port, no notifications, but works rather well

DIS10 for BB10, a free discord client



3 thoughts on “Announcing DIS10 – Free Unofficial Discord Client for BB10

  1. Hi Lloyd! If you’re looking to make a native port of discord, I recommend looking into porting libpurple to bbnative and building a cascades interface around it. There’s a libpurple plugin being developed that connects to discord. It’s functionality is limited at the moment but it does work.

    1. Nice!!! Thanks man, I’ll take a look at it 🙂 the nice thing is their API is fairly accessible. I actually put this together because our new company uses Discord and I couldn’t get anything usable on my Passport. But it would be nice to do a proper app for it…

      1. Glad I could help! :3 The only features missing from the plugin now are the voice chat, attachment uploading, and access to chat history.

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