Streaming Video to your Tablet


Streaming Video to your PlayBook – iPad below. (Anyone have Android suggestions?)

For those of you who stream video to your Xbox 360 via Tversity, this should be an easy change. You have several different options, most of them are browser based.

ORB is one of the best.  I  haven’t had a chance to look at it too carefully, but it has massive support for all kinds of tablets and devices.  With ORB you can literally go with a plug-and-play solution.

TVERSITY is what I use, because I use it for my Xbox 360.

Simplified instructions

Install a media server such as the two above.

Specify your media directories for music, videos and photos.

Let the server update.

Note:  You may need to open ports on your firewall if you don’t have any type of dynamic port forwarding service on it.



Problem:  TVersity doesn’t work!

Switch it over to its flash front-end.  For example, this is the normal URL you would visit to access TVersity:


Change this to:



Streaming Video to your iPad

ORB is one of the best.  Free.

TVERSITY is ridiculously overpriced.  Really overpriced considering it does the same thing as the Xbox version.

Air Video is what I use.  It costs a couple of bucks and is a turnkey system.  You  do need to install a server on your PC, but its really light weight.







3 thoughts on “Streaming Video to your Tablet

    1. Great question – You can stream to your Xbox, PS3 and Wii. You can also stream it to Android and PlayBook. It doesnt stream as easily to iPad – they tr to make you buy a 40$ thing for it. For iPad use something called Orb instead 🙂 But yes, it streams across devices! And free.

  1. Hi Lloyd, Thanks for the quick reply. I guess my question was more related to the tversity client you built for the Playbook. I currently use as a Media Server in my PC a free software named PS3 Media Server. It works fine with my PlayStation, WD Live, Iphone. I am planing to use it as well with the Playbook. I just want to be sure it works before buying it in the appworld. http://code.google.com/p/ps3mediaserver Manuel

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