TVersity and PlayOn troubleshooting tips

TVersity and PlayOn troubleshooting tips.

Here I will post up any useful tips I’ve found for these two apps as I progress through.

Where can I get the server for free?

Download 1.9.7 Free Server here for PlayBook Application Users

Download 1.9.6 Free Server here for PlayBook Application Users

Download Older Free Servers here for PlayBook Application Users

What is this app made for?

Mostly, this app is used for convenient dedicated access to TVersity so you can stream videos from your PC to your PlayBook with minimal effort.  Really thats the number one purpose behind this application.

Can I do this all for free?

Yes.  This application is optional.  You can use the flash media folder to access the TVersity folder over your browser.  Or you can use m.playon.tv to access your PlayOn account.  Purchasing this application is optional.

What Servers Work?

Tested and confirmed working:

PlayOn through mobile port




Tested and confirmed not-working:

AIR Server

PS3 Media Server

Post here and recommend more!

What about DLNA?

Currently, DLNA is not supported.  It requires more than a server front end for management.  I’ve helped a few developers in working on DLNA servers with uPNP and UDP port discovery.  However it is in its infancy.  There is a rumour DLNA will be available in OS2 (will be interesting to see that happen).

How do I get a refund?

You can contact [email protected] with a copy of your order number to obtain a refund.

Where does the money go?

1)  I often get asked where the money goes for this application.  And I have a lengthy post explaining most of it here.  However, in truth, a lot of the money used on this project gets recycled.

In the last two months I have given out 100$ in prizes for app submissions from other developers.

I have donated an additional 100$ in the development of emulator projects.

I have provided PlayBooks to some junior developers to bring apps to the PlayBook.

I have used the money to fund my other apps for free on the PlayBook.

The money does go to my servers, systems, software licenses and test software.

With that all said, I know the price is high for some people.  If you wish for a refund, please contact me or send your order information to [email protected] with a request for a refund.

TVersity > How to control video playback

By default the application will hide the video playback buttons.  Just touch near the bottom of the video to access the controls.

TVersity > Enabling subtitles

To enable subtitles, use the FFDShow application to customize your audio settings.

TVersity > Videos have no sound

1)  Often caused by the FFDShow on your system.  Update to the latest FFDShow at this url: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow/

 2)  You must have an audio driver installed.  If you are using a server, it needs to have an audio card in order for the FFDShow to pick up on it.

PlayOn > Using PlayOn over a WAN

You should be able to use PlayOn over WAN in the latest relase by first accessing PlayOn on your PlayBook while on the same network as your PC.  And then using the application to access PlayOn outside of your network.  This setting will be “forgotten” when you delete the application.

PlayOn > Netflix says no videos are found when you pick a category

The PlayOn team has a major issue with the current release for some Canadian subscribers.  You need to manually update your PlayOn service to fix this.  And if you have any hiccups at all, I recommend contacting them directly and then letting me know about it so I can help to expidite a solution for you.  Get the patched server here:  http://www.playon.tv/support/update

PlayOn > SilverLight needs to be re-installed

It looks like you updated to Silverlight v5. Netflix has issues with Silverlight v5, unfortunately. They still use version 4. Please uninstall Microsoft Silverlight and reboot the PC. Once the PC is started again, don’t install Silverlight. Just open Internet Explorer (*not* any other browser, like Firefox or Chrome) and browse to this URL:


Let Netflix install the Silverlight plugin it wants to use. Once that video can be played, try playing it through PlayOn.

Do not update the Silverlight plugin.

TWonky > How do I start a movie?

You have to double-press a video file to launch a movie. Because its in a flash element, it may also need to to double click more than once (once to activate the flash element, once to launch it).  It is for this reason I’m recommending against TWonky but technically, it works.

– Ed.


17 thoughts on “TVersity and PlayOn troubleshooting tips

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  2. Hi Edge – I seem to be having problems connecting to tversity. I’m unable to effectively configure the right server and port. Happy to get your help. Thanks, Kevin

  3. Very confused. I subscribed to PlayOn, go to download the software to my Playbook, but the file is an exe file. The Playbook can’t run exe files, correct? So what am I missing? Am I supposed to download the PlayOn files to my PC? Is the only access for the Playbook with PlayOn thru my PC? If so, this is not for me.

    1. This app most likely isnt for you. PlayOn, TVersity, TWonky, and Orb are all media servers. That is, they must be installed on a physical computer. They work because your computer supports all the formats necessary that are not possible directly on a PlayBook (such as Silverlight). Your PC then converts the video to Flash so it is compatible on your PlayBook. Unless Netflix releases an application, you will never be able to get it eirectly on your PlayBook as they specifically require you to install Silverligt which cannot be done on a PB.

  4. Thanks Lloyd. I understand now. As a follow-up, in connecting with my PC, can this only be done when on the same network as my Playbook? Thanks.

    1. Great questions. Its “easier” on your PC but definitely not. The procedure (high end view) is: 1) Install PlayOn on your PC. Log into Netflix 2) Install app on PlayBook 3) Connect to PlayOn while at your home network 4) Now if you try PlayOn application outside your home it is supposed to go through PlayOn’s servers to connect to your house. That works in about 9 out of 10 cases. Really restricted firewalls might have issues. I use it at home OK without too many problems. But, if the solution isn’t for you – please check the FAQ — it has instructions on how to get refunded so you don’t end up paying for an app you don’t use 🙂 Personally, I use all 4 servers because I test with them frequently to make sure nothing is broken. But PlayOn and TVersity are always my favorites. I started raw DLNA support in this release, but its been rocky thanks to uPnP and PlayBook AIR not supporting multicasting. Sounds like gibberish but means its an uphill battle 😛

  5. I was able to get Tversity on my Playbook to connect with PlayOn! I will try off-network connection tomorrow, but I don’t have much hope, as the PlayOn mobile access test fails continually.

  6. I just installed the app and am wondering how to use the dlna support. I would like to be able to stream from xbmc. I also would like to be able to remote control other renderers in the house. Is this supported? Thanks

    1. Hi There, It actually doesnt support DLNA servers – it works with web (flash) servers and is speckficakky tested on TVersity, Orb and PlqyOn. Straight DLNA won’t work. There was some confusion in the past though because those 3 function as DLNA servers, but the app isnt a DLNA connector. DLNA is on the radar for the app, but difficult to engage because the PB doesnt supoort mqny of the DLNA formats. Ed

  7. When using “Connect to TVersity” the screen goes into stand by and streaming stops every 5 mins. I mostly want to stream FLAC. When you use the browser it wants to download rather than stream. Is there any workaround as I like the connect to TVersity app. Thanks. Gary

    1. Hum, let me look @ the code tomorrow :). I set the app to disable sleep, but I did such a big overhaul last release (rebuilt underlying engine, and added about 1500 lines of code) its totally possible I damaged the nosleep routine. This might be my error! Don’t worry about troubleshooting yet. If I can see the error in the code tomorrow we will have a patch purty quick.

      1. I can confirm that the sleep code is in the application (same code as Secure Browser) and runs at startup: initializeUI() Log(“Setting keep awake on.”); qnx.system.QNXSystem.system.inactivePowerMode = QNXSystemPowerMode.THROTTLED; // sets how the PB works when off qnx.system.QNXSystem.system.powerMode = QNXSystemPowerMode.NORMAL; // normal running state flash.desktop.NativeApplication.nativeApplication.systemIdleMode = “keepAwake”; My only thoughts are, try a reinstall. As a last possible suggestion, go into Options > General and toggle Application Behavior to Showcase.

  8. Thanks for the reply. Yes I had tried a reinstall and restart a few times and am in showcase mode. You have “KeepAwake” enabled for flash. I am trying to stream FLAC audio. All works great but the native (I assume) music player keeps timing out. Currently there is no way to stream FLAC audio to playbook. Most audiofiles keep music files as FLAC files and are to big to store on say a 16 gig playbook. Most have given up looking as the hardware is over a year and a half old now. The PB is on sale as low as $99 and new users galore now. I am sure you could sell many more apps just because of this feature. Today a new user in Crackberry forums asked about this. Gary

  9. It seems that when playing updated last weekend it caused this program to start to freeze about three minutes into any video that I was streaming off my computer I am using the latest beta version on the playbook. Up til the update it was working great.

  10. Hallo, I try using media connect on a BBPlaybook with tversity. The connection works, but when i want to start a video (all videos are avi-files with xvid) i get an error “Error loading this video, please make sure the media server is running, the video exists and can be converted to flash video. A you missing a directshow filter?”. Please help me.

    1. Hmm give this a go: Uninstall TVersity Install klite media pack Install TVersity Note: When prompted install ffsdhow, etc etc. On your pc make sure he video plays On your pc access the interface locally via: http://localhost[port#%5D/flashlib i think it is. It usually means that ffdshow did not install correctly or is missing codecs. I use AVIs in xvid, and divx predominently. If it still has problems you can wmail me throuh the support link or on here under contact me and ill help. Ed.

    2. Its gotta be the direct show filters. It needs to use FFDSHOW and a codec pack like K-Lite. This is supposed to automatically install with TVersity – so reinstalling TVersity should fix it. but in case you want to just add FFDSHOW, you can grab it from a few places: http://www.afterdawn.com/software/general/download_splash.cfm/ffdshow

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