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Howdy folks,

I’m very proud to announce a new update submitted today for Secure Browser!

Release 1.0.7 adds the following new features: Features:
* Minor bug fix: Portrait thumbnails outline was still in landscape Features:
* Multitab support
–  Limited to 9 tabs
–  Indicator for Current Tab
–  Blank tab defaults to homepage
–  * Warning, Opening too many new tabs too fast can potentially crash the browser
* Theme Support added
–  Green
–  Blue
–  Diamond
–  Dragon
–  Want to create a theme?  Grab the package from FileArchiveHaven and send them to me in an email
* Pop-Up’s enabled now
* Better Web Inspector information
* Status Bar size increased a bit
* Favorites can have edit toggle
* Added stop button
* About 20 odd bug-fixes

Want to add your own themes?  Customize this package, send it to me, and I will add it in the next release!  (pending content approval).


If you prefer you can reply to this thread with a link to your theme.  Thank you for your support 🙂  I will keep updating this browser.



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