2 Major Updates Coming


So, whats new in the studio you ask?

This week, I managed to code two great updates to Secure AntiVirus Pro and HTML Edit HD.

I have to confess, these are updates that should have been included in the applications originally.  But, these changes take us on the first step towards doing BFB!

From a high level:

Secure AntiVirus Pro

  • Redesigned for better UI
  • Latency improvements (found a stray “timer”)
  • Cover page corrections
  • Found a bug where deleting a file while scanning can cause an error message (file not found)
  • Made a whole bunch of UI tweaks including a new menu
  • Improved animations (set them to 4x the speed!)
  • Started to add support for invocation


  • Text Markup
  • Better UI bar
  • More intuitive feeling
  • Adjustable viewing modes (Web / Split / Text)
  • Started to add support for invocation




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