Gamepad Support, and Inflight Projects


Anxiously wondering what I’ve been up to lately?

I’ve submitted a few sample projects to BlackBerry for BB10 (of course) which utilize both a custom on-screen touch engine (cool) and gamepad support (even cooler).

This includes a 360 snake game, a tank game, and a sting ray game.  Right now they are in beta testing phase, but slowly getting some traction.

RPG Quest 2

I have purchased music and assets for RPG Quest 2 – imagine RPG quest with the ability to actually interact with things!


Secure AntiVirus Pro

Wow, well, this turned out to be quite the hit.  The downside, is the scanning time is still much longer than I would like.  I’ve been wondering how other AntiVirus programs on BB10 can possibly actually work?  The scanning speed is too fast for the processing.  An AntiVirus on mobile *should* be slow, it takes a long time to process….

Well, I have a patch I sent in today to “improve things” and make it a bit more responsive.

I also have a patch half-done that adds smart-scanning.


Secure Browser

Well, Secure Browser has had some recompiles and debates between myself and BlackBerry.  No major changes ytet, but it is on the review panel.  It may need to be completely rewritten by Cascades, but then I lose the option to port it to Android…


Media Connect

I have two parts for Media Connect.  One is a server (cool) that you can use to stream video.  The server is in ‘beta’ (half written) phase.  But coming along nicely.

The connector has had some overhauls, but not enough to release an update yet.

With that said, it is being reviewed.


Pixlr family

Today, I’ll be moving the pixlr editors to freeware and opening accessibility.  Why?  Well, why not 🙂  The important thing here, is someone somehow managed to install this on a 9700 and generated an error message which was sent to me as a bug report.

9700!  How the heck did they manage that I wonder?


Anyway, keep strong, watch AppWorld!  If I wasn’t so busy, id have more cool updates.  But stuff IS coming, just slowly…




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