Shared Worlds

Shared Worlds – Revolutionizing Gaming


After much discussion, planning and effort, Shared Worlds is finally under way.

What is Shared Worlds?

Shared Worlds is a game concept, that was dreamt up over BBM chat by a group of developers looking to change how games communicate.

How is it Unique?

The idea behind Shared Worlds is simple.  Take achievements, profile information, game statistics, items, rewards, pretty much everything – and allow them to be shared between games.

This way, when you play a brand new RPG from the same group of developers, you are granted some kind of reward for your existing efforts!

For example, if you like to play a Rogue character.  The games can detect how many hours you have invested, and even unlock new Rogue classes.

Or a special fire weapon you unlocked from one game can work its way into another.


Everything is very early right now, the concept is just starting to be worked on.  Once the Core is complete, we can begin the first set of beta games.  This is all likely to take a very long time.

What is Different from Scoreloop, GameCenter, etc?

There are two critical differences.

  • The first is the sharing of much more than just achievements and storing of your game in the cloud.
  • The second, is true cross platform compatibility with minimal effort for developers.


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