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As a developer, there are many times where I don’t “quite” finish an application.  And today, while hunting for a screenshot, I realized my camera folder was full of hidden goodies.

Sometimes I get busy, or I forget, or its a half-assembled project that I just don’t have time to complete.  This list will continue to grow, and may actually contain some beta links in the near future.  But for now it gives you an idea of what you can find in a developers camera folder!

Edit:  I’ve decided to go ahead and post BAR files for the samples below 🙂  Remember they will be buggy and barely usable, sometimes little more than a proof of concept.  You’ve been warned!

To use any of these betas / alphas / proof of concepts – you will need to sideload the BAR files.


None of these are really playable or usable at this time.



StarHen is a cute game based on nothing at all (!!! don’t sue me Nintendo).  This little beta was started this weekend, its one of those hobby apps that is fun to write… but you just know will never get completed.


RPG Quest 2

This one is hard to make out from the photo, but its intended to be a sequel to my RPG Quest game.  The chances of completing it are slim, but it definitely is a fun concept based on the Progress Quest genre.


Squircle Defense

This one is very tough to make out from the image.  Its the framework I started for a JSON-driven Tower Defense Game.  The tiles are currently animating in.


This is a text-editor, not quite finished.  Its likely to replace Text-Edit, and become the framework for HEX-Edit and to replace HTML Edit.

(Not Ready)


This one is a 3D Roku remote to replace my Rokemote application.  The core engine (playing with the 3D controller and smashing buttons) is complete, but the logic is still not ready for distribution.


Hack ‘n Slash

This one is an overhead dungeon-smasher.


Squircle Rescue

This one is called Squircle Rescue.  Your basically just a white squircle running and jumping all over a map.


Tank Wars

This is tank-wars.  I never got finished, but you can drive around and look at things.


Unity Rotate

OK this one is actually one of my favorites.  It was more a proof of concept, its an augmented reality style game.  You walk around a map and you have to move your phone in the real world to look around (so it shows you a creepy world you normally can’t see).

And that’s it, thats everything of interest in my camera folder!  I suppose its true, developers do get the best toys sometimes.


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