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Secure AntiVirus Pro – Cascades Release

After a lot of hard work, I’m proud to announce a new Secure AntiVirus Pro release!


There is so much new, thanks to the amazing work of Roger LeBlanc, and some amazing Beta Testers including Razvan, Dean Logan, Diego Nei, Glenn Kocak, Jeremy Duke, JayDee, Joe, ZanBB, Tom and many more!

The amount of features is huge, and difficult to list all at once.  But I can give you a few sneak previews 🙂

Maybe I could share what the new help system looks like.  Or the new BlackBerry World description.

Some of the key features:

 Cross-device support (So when you move from a Z to a Q, the scanner comes with you)
- Headless support (Monitors what files need to be scanned in the background)
- Warns you if you haven't scanned in a while
- Sporting a new Black Theme
- Now supports 5 languages!  (English, German, Indonesian, French and Spanish)
- Integration with all cloud services (Including Box, DropBox, OneDrive)
- Now can even scan your computer over BBLink!
- Added Pebble (Talk2Watch) and UpFront Integration
- Many customization options - make the AntiVirus do what you want it to do
- Frequent definition updates (Now daily!)


6 thoughts on “Secure AntiVirus Pro – Cascades Release

  1. Can you please change the daily updates to weekly, or make it automatically It is very annoying these notifications every day If this doesn’t change I will delete

    1. You have always been able to disable the notification from within the software at anytime, and update only when you feel like it. 🙂 But I will keep an adjuster in mind for future updates!

  2. I am using this anti virus first time but earlier when I installed it, it was showing 21990 virus in data base. And after updating the definition it is showing 22550 virus in data base while I have scanned whole database twice. Kindly let me know what does it mean.

    1. That’s normal :). It’s how many viruses it is looking for on your device, when you update definitions it usually adds new viruses to the database it is using to search your phone!

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