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TextEditHD – Major Update & Secure Notes Promo

After much hard work and anticipation, I am proud to announce a major overhaul of Text Edit HD for BlackBerry 10.

Text Edit HD has been updated to version

IMG_20150317_230233Whats New in

  • Supports many file types including HTML, TXT, JS, QML, LOG files plus many more
  • Simple, clutter free interface
  • Stores and edits in plain text
  • Supports invocation and file system access, so supported file-typed can be opened for editing
  • Has character counts, find-on-page, find-more, revert document & more
  • Supports changing from light to dark theme in the user settings

Whats New in

  • Fix for Binary files
  • Better handling of large files

Where are my Promo Codes???

I know, you probably didn’t come here for update information.  So, instead of one promo code, why not two?

Secure Notes promo code: SECURENOTESFREE


Text Edit HD promo code: TextEditHD Edit:  BlackBerry changed the code to TEXTEDITHDFREE no idea why


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