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Welcome to FileArchiveHaven!  This is the technically the fifth iteration, with the first versions of FileArchiveHaven predating blogs (scary!).  In order to understand what FileArchiveHaven is, you have to know what FileArchiveHaven was originally intended to be.  FileArchiveHaven was always meant for sharing of information, applications and games.  However, over the years, smarter technology has emerged.

The website has become more of a blog, and less of a defined point of reference.  It contains security articles, learning materials, and access to all kinds of free and paid applications.

About the ‘Company’

FileArchiveHaven is a subsidiary of Little Red House Services Inc.  Generally speaking, there is no company – this is simply a personal blog that expands on my personal experiences.  However, as often happens in life, business and personal have crossed over to become a unique hybrid of information.

Primary development and information is handled by Lloyd Summers.  However, I have had the pleasure of working with some great contractors over the years and worked with some great temporary staff.

If you are interested in participating in the blog or if you are seeking a partnership, absolutely feel free to contact us.

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Very old version of FileArchiveHaven, focused on music is still available here.

One of the first versions of FileArchiveHaven, sharing emulator converters for Windows 98 (yikes!) is still available here.

2 thoughts on “FileArchiveHaven

  1. I am a blackberry user. and i also downloaded BB 10 browser with adobe flash. But I really want to know how to backup bookmark from BB10 browser or some ways to backup it. Thank you.

    1. It’s just the native browser repackaged, so no easy way I can think of to do it 🙁 but I can add it as a feature request for a backlogged item!

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