Tracking Software


Tracking Software

Here is the tracking archive. Some of the trackers listed here are from pre-windows days, but are worth keeping for many simply for its memories.




Developer Homepage:


Skale Tracker
14 Mb Modern Day Tracker, Based on FT2
4.41 Mb S3M Style Tracker
Mad Tracker
12.57 Mb S3M Style Tracker
Impulse Tracker
1.49 Mb S3M/IT Style Tracker, Based on ST3
Scream Tracker 3
1.43 Mb
no site currently available S3M Style Tracker
Fast Tracker 2
286 Kb
no site currently available XM Style Tracker
Modplug Tracker
593 Kb S3M/IT Style Tracker
Mod Edit
347 Kb
no site currently available MOD Style Tracker
Noise Trekker
646 Kb Outdated Tracker
1.170 Mb New Generation Style Tracker
30.7 Mb New Generation Style Tracker



Demiurge – Nice Loop
64 Kb
Helps locate the best possible loop points for a wave file. Sweet.
2.4 Mb
Freeware wave editor.
AnalogX – AutoTune
235 Kb
Automatically re-tunes multiple wave samples to a set “key”.
Trackers Handbook
115 Kb
The ultimate guide to tracking.
880 Kb
Automatically converts between sample and instrument types.

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