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Low Definition Texture Pack 1.0

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Low Definition Texture Pack 1.0

This texture pack is designed to be a low-definition image pack for Minecraft. These images are in the original pixel ratio and do not require a reworking of the .java app but shows performance boosting due to how 3d textures are handled at the operating system level.

Using uniform bitmaps can increase performance from java applications. This is because for 3d rendering and shading most systems see a significant improvement when the video feed is simply ‘copying’ the last pixel used. In addition uniform image colours make it easier for systems to compress images in memory.

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Download: Low Def 1.0 Made by:Lloyd

Resource Finder Texture Pack 1.0

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Resource Finder Texture Pack 1.0

Ever wish you could see through the map? What if all you had to do was toggle your texture pack?

To make things easier, I’ve left Coal, Diamonds, Redstone, Cobble Stone Moss, Fire and other useful textures ‘enabled’. This gives you an idea of what you are seeing underground. For example in preview 1 and 2, you can see the monsters hidden in underground caverns. In preview 3 you can see ‘large’ zones that are unlit. These zones would contain minerals (most likey).

For those who are developing, this also makes it much easier to know what tiles are being rendered.

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Download: Resource Finder 1.0 Made by: Lloyd

Minecraft – Skins


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Nudist Skin 1.0

The greatest skin ever. If body armour dresses you like clothing, then your skin should be your skin!

How-to Change your Skin

Download: Here Made by: Edware

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