Media Connect

Welcome to the Media Connect landing page (formerly Connect to TVersity)

Alert:  TVersity is no longer free as of version 2.0 and higher.  In order to use TVersity 2.0+ customers, will need to either purchase a TVersity server license, downgrade to a previous release of TVersity (1.9.7 or earlier), or use ORB instead as a media server.

Please note that TVersity is a great application, and the server only costs 3.99 for a basic license for your PC.  I recommend purchasing TVersity if possible however Orb is a free alternative that is compatible with this PlayBook client.  And you can also use PlayOn Lite which is a free client.

Please be aware, we do not include licenses for any media server including TVersity with this software.

Quick Version

Want to just get watching movies?

Step 1:  Download PlayOn Lite (free) and install that on your PC, or one of the others below

Step 2:  Setup your Media Folders (wherever on your computer you store your movies) into PlayOn

Step 3:  In Media Connect, select TVersity as your media source


Support Model:

  • Client Software >>> Sold by, and Supported by FileArchiveHaven (what runs on your PlayBook)
  • Server Software >>> Sold by, and Supported by Third-Party Companies (what runs on your home PC)

Version Mirrors:

  • We only support TVersity 1.9.7 and earlier.  To access TVersity mirrors (new and old versions) you can find them here or you can find them here at this mirror.

Media Connect Details:

Appworld link:

Below you will find all of the instructions, links and guides to starting to work with Media Connect.  First, you need to decide which media server you want to use.

Before getting started, you must install a media server on your PC so it can send movies to your BlackBerry device.

The following media servers have been tested, are supported, and have different benefits and limitations:

Orb Caster for PC / Mac:

  • Free alternative.  Great for streaming videos to your device.
  • Supported OS:  Windows & Mac OS X
  • Cost:   Free


  • Notes:  Free version streams video from your desktop.  Subscription allows Hulu and Netflix streaming.
  • Supported OS:  Windows
  • Cost:  Free (streaming only), 7.99/Month (all features), or 79.99 Lifetime (all features)


  • Formerly free offering was strong.  Supports transcoding, works with XBox 360 and other devices.
  • Supported OS:  Windows (only tested and support server version 1.9.7 and earlier)
  • Cost: 3.99 for 6 months (basic), 19.99 for 12 months (pro) – older versions are free.
  • Note, at this price, it might be worth considering purchasing PlayOn for a few dollars more and getting Netflix access for free.

* TWonky (still in infancy):

  • Very popular, requires more customization.  Need to access the videos through the flash port for TWonky.  Not working as well as it should, the TWonky media connect sends some strange commands, still in early progress.
  • Supported OS:  Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Cost: 19.95 Lifetime (pay-per-upgrade)

Once you have decided on a media server, its time to get started!



TVersity:  Basic Connection (LAN Only)

TVersity:  Advanced Connection (WAN/Internet Access)

Troubleshooting Tips

Where does the money go?


PlayOn:  Connection (LAN and WAN)

Troubleshooting Tips

Where does the money go?


Orb:  Connection (LAN and WAN)

Troubleshooting Tips

Where does the money go?


TWonky:  Connection (LAN and WAN)

Troubleshooting Tips

Where does the money go?