Beta Testers

beta Interested in becoming a Beta Tester?

If you want to help make the BlackBerry ecosystem better, if you want to provide feedback directly to some developers, and if you like free apps and games – then we could use your help!  You’ll get free access to all participating developer app catalogs, in exchange for helping to make sure their applications and games are stable on your device.


The apps and games being tested, grant access to previews that developers may not be ready to have released to the public.  We humbly ask that beta testers don’t share any packages or details without checking with the developer first.

What is being tested?

We have multiple developers in the group so available games and applications vary daily.

What is needed?

Testing is for BB10 users primarily and communication is done through BBM groups to ensure we have immediate feedback.

Testers may want to know how to Sideload a BAR using Chrome, although this is rare.

Testers will want to know how to install beta apps using a SKU from BlackBerry World.


  • Step 1:  Ensure the developer has added your BlackBerry ID to their sandbox in the AppWorld Portal.
  • Step 2:  On your phone, go into Settings > Security and Privacy and enable Development Mode.
  • Step 3:  Open BlackBerry World.  Swipe down into Settings > Development Mode
  • Step 4:  Enter the Content ID for the app!

Why do some beta applications try to charge me?

This is where things can get confusing. First, double check with the developer that you are in the developers beta-testing group. If you are not in the beta testing group AND the application is currently for sale – you will be charged! With that said, BlackBerry coupled the payment system into the beta testing, which means for beta testing, users go through a payment practice in PayPal and won’t actually be charged.

The payment should not complete on the back-end, and you should not get an email saying a payment was recieved.

If you do, then something is wrong, and the developer will need to make sure your BBID is correctly entered into the testing list and start to get a refund going.

What are the limitations?

Reviewing of applications, and paying for applications from the respective developers will be treated as a test. Therefore, payments for their applications and reviews will not actually complete and save.

How do I join as a tester?

If you are interested, send me your PIN using the contact form or message me on twitter @kerm_ed.

I’m a developer, can I also get MY app tested?

You can also send me your pin, and I can add you to the testing group.  We also have a developer chat available that might be of benefit to you.

What about the QR code?



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