Zeus Browser

Do you want to view a BlackBerry live meeting or discussion?  Or maybe you want to have private browsing embedded in your browser?  This will let you do all of that.

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Zeus Browser supports several different browser plugin formats, allowing access to new content – even including Adobe Flash.  The browser is build with the look and feel of the stock BlackBerry 10.2 style browser, with built in privacy mode.

This browser uses the publicly available open-source BlackBerry Browser based on the also open-source Flash Browser project and brings several additions and optimizations including DuckDuckGo, Flickr, Twitter, StackOverflow and Baidu support.

No additional configuration required, it is intended to have Flash “just work” again natively on your device.

Permissions: (optional)
– Location, needed for HTML5 websites to detect your location – pizza places for example
– Camera & Microphone. needed for flash conferencing apps
– Shared Files, to save downloads

What version of Flash is supported?
– Currently Adobe Flash 11.1 and earlier is supported
– Anything above Flash 11.1, it will do its best to emulate, however, it will be unstable and may not work as expected on higher flash versions

– To refresh only the Search Engines, use Settings, Display and Actions, Reset Search Engines
– Hub issues?  The app may not have updated properly for you and fixed a bad reference we had.  Please try removing and reinstalling Zeus Browser.

There has been a lot of confusion around Adobe Flash and security on mobile, mostly by people without a lot of experience in this field.  In comparison, I’ve personally worked hands-on with many Flash (and HTML5) exploits.  Now, by no means do I think any platform is safe including Flash, however, Flash isn’t as dangerous as you may think!  First, the plugin is sandboxed as within the browser with very restricted access.  The browser itself is then sandboxed again within the ecosystem of the phone.  And the security of these two layers is consistent between all browsers.  This provides a two-layer system, providing two checkpoints that hackers need to overcome.

JavaScript in a browser, by comparison, only uses a one-layer system – the browser itself.  So hackers only need to overcome one component – as seen in the massive exploitation of Google Chrome on mobile (and all browsers built using their JavaScript engine).  In fact, popular Flash hacks that compromise desktop do not impact mobile.  This is further compounded by the fact that each browser operates differently providing many different opportunities for hackers to break through.  This also makes it much easier for exploits to go undiscovered for years.

As always, I recommend being extremely cautious not just with Flash, but all web-content on mobile in general.

Tip:  Don’t wanna spend the cash?  No sweat!  You can still install the old version here: Adobe Flash Browser for BlackBerry 10.3.1 ? v1.0.0.24 Released | FileArchiveHaven

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