Follow Up: Web Security Analysis & Brief How To


Its been about 12 hours (over 12 hours now since I type slow, get side tracked easily, and ended up eating crackers) since the first security analysis has gone online from FileArchiveHaven for mobile applications.  I have to say I’m impressed with the passion of the readers and the developers and this article sure gathered more attention than expected.  This follow up article covers “whats new” from yesterday, some additional logs and details for tech types, and how you can go about checking applications yourself (its easier than you think).

So if you want to know how to do some basic testing of applications yourself, then this update might be for you!  If you want to see a bit more of the data collected, then this might be for you as well!  If you want something funny or witty then… well this article might not be for you (its probably going to be a little dry). Continue reading (640)


Web Security Analysis of 12 BlackBerry 10 Applications

There are many things that tie BlackBerry users together, and one of those has always been the importance of security.  Some people forget that being secure means more than just ensuring an application is virus free!  Nefarious (what a great word) applications can access private data, sneak that data out to private websites, and even monitor your device traffic to keep tabs on what your doing all without the user knowing.  Real dangerous applications can go even farther, allowing a developer to remotely execute code on a users device without the users permission!  Imagine, applications that can decide what you can and can’t do, search the internet for things without you knowing or perform actions on your phone without your knowledge.

Not only are these security concerns very real, but they go unnoticed by all major platforms during testing and validation cycles.  No major device manufacturer at this time that I am aware of is monitoring applications submitted to their platforms for what data is being sent and received.  Although, to give them credit, BlackBerry has done a fantastic job of limiting what applications with back-doors can do.

Read ahead to see how 12 applications perform back-to-back in a test for Web Security for BlackBerry 10 (Spoiler:  They might not do as well as you think!).

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Remotely Controlling your BlackBerry 10 Device using Myo

Have you ever wished you could remotely control your BlackBerry 10 phone?  At times, this can certainly come in handy, and after starting my new career in 3D software development and touch-less interaction, I couldn’t resist seeing what this could do with my brand new BlackBerry Passport.

Caution: Your mileage will vary. This is not a stable or official solution at this time but it does work. In the meantime I’m looking at building a Cascades or Unity solution!

First, it helps to know what Myo “is”…

Myo from Thalmic

Missing Plugin? That means you have flash disabled (it’s a YouTube video) or that you are using BB10.3.1 and you no longer can use flash.  Click on the title for the full article :)

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Secure Browser 3 Submitted to BlackBerry AppWorld


After a lot of testing, and lots of hard work from Devan, Secure Browser has had a major update submitted to AppWorld!

This release qualifies Secure Browser for BFB, and brings many new features to the browser.  Once everything is approved and ready, stay on stand-by for some free promo codes :)

Thanks to everyone for all their hardwork with testing and Devan for his great efforts helping to bring SB up-to-speed in Cascades.

~ Lloyd (520)


Proud to Announce (Another GameBoy Emulator for BlackBerry 10) UnityGB4BB10!

What’s better than a game on your BlackBerry 10?

Many different games on your BlackBerry 10!


Well, thanks to some open source code that was left around by these awesome guys, I was able to port the code over to BlackBerry 10 and to build a fairly decent looking GUI for the GB emulator :)  I did spice it up a little bit and the emulator seems to be running pretty slick!  However, this is an early beta!

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Secure AntiVirus Pro – Cascades Release

After a lot of hard work, I’m proud to announce a new Secure AntiVirus Pro release!


There is so much new, thanks to the amazing work of Roger LeBlanc, and some amazing Beta Testers including Razvan, Dean Logan, Diego Nei, Glenn Kocak, Jeremy Duke, JayDee, Joe, ZanBB, Tom and many more!

The amount of features is huge, and difficult to list all at once.  But I can give you a few sneak previews :)

Maybe I could share what the new help system looks like.  Or the new BlackBerry World description.

Some of the key features:

 Cross-device support (So when you move from a Z to a Q, the scanner comes with you)
- Headless support (Monitors what files need to be scanned in the background)
- Warns you if you haven't scanned in a while
- Sporting a new Black Theme
- Now supports 5 languages!  (English, German, Indonesian, French and Spanish)
- Integration with all cloud services (Including Box, DropBox, OneDrive)
- Now can even scan your computer over BBLink!
- Added Pebble (Talk2Watch) and UpFront Integration
- Many customization options - make the AntiVirus do what you want it to do
- Frequent definition updates (Now daily!)



Beta Testers


Hi Everyone!

It’s been quiet for me on the BlackBerry front for quite a while.  I have a couple of projects coming, so do some other developers, and we’ve been on boarding some beta-testers.  I thought hey, why not share some of those details in case someone is interested in how to join!

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