As many of us know, BlackBerry has decided to discontinue paid app support as of April 1st, 2018.  In preparation of this, we decided to make a large volume of our apps free!  And why wait until the end of the month? (445)

BlackBerry AppWorld Paid Apps – Now Free!

As you likely know by now, BlackBerry has suspended all payments and app purchases to third-party developers for BlackBerry phones and is removing all paid content from the BlackBerry AppStore. (326)

Discontinuing BlackBerry 10 Support

Secure Notes has been well overdue for an update! What’s new in Secure Notes now has an Import and Export feature, to make it easier to sync data between devices.  It has had some workflow and usability changes for the Note Edit pages, including moving the Delete button under […]

Secure Notes Submitted for Approval

As mentioned on many other websites, the end of BlackBerry 10 is finally more than just an inevitable possibility.  It is quickly on its way to becoming reality. Now, the following is speculation.  There is always someone (and sometimes an entire website) that remain blind to the situation happening around […]

Chen Waves Goodbye to BlackBerry 10

Are you a developer, working on a Unity game, and your working with OSVR? If so, you might want to grab the latest snippit I uploaded to our repository!  Its a simple set of scripts for getting your OSVR server up and running. (2213)

OSVR Server Launcher for Unity