New to Adobe AIR or AS3? Here’s Two Sourcode Sets to get Started With

Thats right!

Below is some source code to help you get started.  Actually, both applications are fairly basic.  These two applications were designed for the BlackBerry Playbook.  But feel free to do what you want with them.



Source Code:  http://www.filearchivehaven.com/downloads/pb/Starfield_SC.zip

App World Link:  https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/60555

BAR:  http://www.filearchivehaven.com/downloads/pb/Starfield1.0.0.12.bar


Flying Toaster

Source Code:  http://www.filearchivehaven.com/downloads/pb/Flying_Toasters_SC.zip

App World Link:  https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/60776

BAR:  http://www.filearchivehaven.com/downloads/pb/Flying%20Toasters% (872)


Android Apps to BAR Conversions

So, major update for everyone!  If you are looking for APK’s that wer converted to BAR’s for use on OS2.0 – you can use the folowing links:

Upcoming Website (mostly empty right now):  http://www.bbxteam.com/wiki/index.php/Converted_APKs

Current List of Android BAR’s: http://bit.ly/apk2bar

Submit your BAR conversions here:  http://bit.ly/apk2bar-form

And hey, if your adventurous you can find my bars here:  http://www.filearchivehaven.com/downloads/pb

~ls (905)


BlackBerry + Android, and thank you DDPB Installer

In my previous post on the subject, I covered how to install Android Player on your BlackBerry!  Well, now you don’t have to!

Step 1 – Backup your PlayBook.  Because if something goes wrong, you will be happy you did!

Java Development Kit

Step 2 – Download and install the appropriate JDK below

> Download: 32bit (Link fixed)

> Download: 64bit (Link fixed)

Note:  You must us  right version for your system or the installer will fail to work.

Side-Loader Application, this will let you add APK’s and BAR files

Step 3 – Install DDPB Installer 1.0.7

> Download: DDPB Installer1.0.7.msi (Link fixed)

Step 4 – On your PlayBook, go into options – Security – Development Mode.  Turn Development mode on

Step 5 – Plug in your BlackBerry PlayBook using your USB cable to the PC.

Step 6 – Start installing BAR files using DDPB Installer!

For more information on the DDPB Installer visit this link.

Need some BAR files that were former Android packages?  Check this link or this link (which has a ton).