As some of you may have noticed, our previous website revamp looked fantastic – however the load time was extremely slow. After more testing and analysis than I’d like to go into, we’ve narrowed down the issue.  We also decided not just to simplify the website look and feel, but […]

Website Revamped

man wearing a suit sitting in a table showing a signboard with the text licensing written in it
I recently had an interesting discussion with someone over licensing, and how licensing works with 3rd party applications and games and more importantly, what role I choose to play in this regard.  They seemed very confused over what licensing is, or what is happening.   Where FileArchiveHaven Has Been Going […]

Licensing 3rd Party Apps and Games

I have to apologize to everyone.  I am not used to having visitors and updates running from my website… So today, when a dear friend complained about access latency problems on FileArchiveHaven – I decided to do the brash thing and upgrade the server. Of course the transparent upgrade ended up taking longer than […]

Website Outage / Website Revamped

Anxiously wondering what I’ve been up to lately? I’ve submitted a few sample projects to BlackBerry for BB10 (of course) which utilize both a custom on-screen touch engine (cool) and gamepad support (even cooler). This includes a 360 snake game, a tank game, and a sting ray game.  Right now […]

Gamepad Support, and Inflight Projects

So, whats new in the studio you ask? This week, I managed to code two great updates to Secure AntiVirus Pro and HTML Edit HD. I have to confess, these are updates that should have been included in the applications originally.  But, these changes take us on the first step […]

2 Major Updates Coming