Another Freebie – x929 Alternative Radio on your PB / BB10

For x929 fans, or folks who love alternative rock, here is another fun application I assembled for myself.  I don’t want to submit this to AppWorld without permission from x929 – so for now its just for hobbiests and developers.

While I was at the office the other day, I needed access to music and I only had my BlackBerry 10 device and QNX PlayBook available.  So I put together this quick application for the devices.  Hopefully the official x929 application will be updated to these platforms.

Get the application here:


And please dont forget you will need to sideload it as it is not available in AppWorld.

Lloyd (555)


Building Mobile Applications

Hi Everyone,

I had a fun presentation at the STC-Alberta.org event last night, and I wanted to share my presentation with the anyone who might find it interesting!  My original presentation is almost 200 slides, but I’ve mode it down to about 40.


Setting up the SDK
Getting Support
Programming for Mobile
Completing your App

Presentation File:

Mobile Application Development 1.6 – Outline – BRIEF

Mobile Application Development 1.6 – Presentation – BRIEF