BlackBerry Cascades – Troubleshooting Tips

This article is a growing article, covering tips and tricks for resolving errors using BlackBerry Cascades.

When adding a library (such as the suggested BlackBerry Cascades Advertisment Framework) from within the IDE, you cannot build applications and your libraries are mucked up.

You may see errors such as:  /Applications/ cannot find -lcascadesadvertisement in the console when performing a build.


In some cases the library mappings are messed up (and have been for several years).  The problem is that -l (add library) cascadesadvertisement (as a library) does not exist.  It actually should be bbcascadesadvertisement.  Instead of adding the library to the .PRO file, the editor appends it to the project settings below any available option in the IDE.  You can see the faulty library assignment within config.pri (LIBS += -lcascadesadvertisement)

How to fix it:

Open your project folder in Explorer

Open .cproject in Notepad or Notepad ++

Find 4 of these <listOptionValue builtIn=”false” value=”cascadesadvertisement”/> and just delete them

Find 4 of these <listOptionValue builtIn=”false” value=”${QNX_TARGET}/usr/include/bb/cascades/advertisement”/> and also delete them

Do a save, return to the IDE

Now open “bar-descriptor.xml”

Find 4 of these <asset path=”” type=”Qnx/Elf”>lib/</asset> and again, just delete them

Open your .PRO file and add LIBS += -lbbcascadesadvertisement

Perform a clean and rebuild your project.



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