Kickstarter vs Indiegogo 46 Tech Campaigns Compared

As some of you may know, I am a bit of a fan of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.


So much so, that in the last year or so I’ve jumped on 23 Indiegogo and 23 Kickstarter campaigns over the last year – I’ve gone ahead and drafted up some images above of some of them.  At this point, I think the mail lady has started planning revenge on me for having to delivering tons of little packages to my door.  But I have had some interesting discoveries over the last year and there are definitely some risks and challenges that I would like to share with others to help them in the starter / backer process.

What make a campaign run well?  What are the warning signs to watch out for?  And what platform has safer projects?  I’ll dive into these as I go through the campaigns below.

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The Making of Vector Wars


As a developer, every now and then you find yourself on a project of passion.  These are apps and games of immense value to you personally, that you just loved creating.  The app or game may sell miserably and family may have missed you for weeks while you worked on it, but they are projects we love.  That’s what Vector Wars is to me, a new game built on passion.

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Simply Bowling Release Promo

‘m proud to announce another app released! Simply Bowling.


Simply Bowling is a multiplayer bowling game for BlackBerry 10. It supports hot seat, online multiplayer, AI with varying levels or single player mode. Several lanes to choose from!

500 copies



http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/59957836 (181)


Beta Apps – Unfinished Toys

As a developer, there are many times where I don’t “quite” finish an application.  And today, while hunting for a screenshot, I realized my camera folder was full of hidden goodies.

Sometimes I get busy, or I forget, or its a half-assembled project that I just don’t have time to complete.


This list will continue to grow, and may actually contain some beta links in the near future.  But for now it gives you an idea of what you can find in a developers camera folder!

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Web Security Analysis of (more) BlackBerry 10 Applications


Since creating the first article, I’ve had a barrage of requests to create a follow up article.  Before I jump into those though, I want to mention that following the previous article several developers have made changes to their code and one developer in particular has taken the article seriously and dropped everything to adopted new strategies to their apps.  The new Inst4gram application may look the same on the outside as Insta10 – but after careful testing – it has had some critical foundational changes (in a good way) as mentioned in this tweet.

In addition, several other applications mentioned such as Blaq have also buttoned down the hatches on any findings and several applications are no longer available.  So without further ado, lets run through a list of applications. Continue reading (450)


Follow Up: Web Security Analysis & Brief How To


Its been about 12 hours (over 12 hours now since I type slow, get side tracked easily, and ended up eating crackers) since the first security analysis has gone online from FileArchiveHaven for mobile applications.  I have to say I’m impressed with the passion of the readers and the developers and this article sure gathered more attention than expected.  This follow up article covers “whats new” from yesterday, some additional logs and details for tech types, and how you can go about checking applications yourself (its easier than you think).

So if you want to know how to do some basic testing of applications yourself, then this update might be for you!  If you want to see a bit more of the data collected, then this might be for you as well!  If you want something funny or witty then… well this article might not be for you (its probably going to be a little dry). Continue reading (1943)