Secure Notes has been well overdue for an update! What’s new in Secure Notes now has an Import and Export feature, to make it easier to sync data between devices.  It has had some workflow and usability changes for the Note Edit pages, including moving the Delete button under […]

Secure Notes Submitted for Approval

As mentioned on many other websites, the end of BlackBerry 10 is finally more than just an inevitable possibility.  It is quickly on its way to becoming reality. Now, the following is speculation.  There is always someone (and sometimes an entire website) that remain blind to the situation happening around […]

Chen Waves Goodbye to BlackBerry 10

Are you a developer, working on a Unity game, and your working with OSVR? If so, you might want to grab the latest snippit I uploaded to our repository!  Its a simple set of scripts for getting your OSVR server up and running.

OSVR Server Launcher for Unity

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Since its inception, the number one issue raised by users is a lack of Application availability on BlackBerry 10. Its no secret that the applications and games that ship with BlackBerry 10 devices can be problematic.  Just looking at the BlackBerry 10 Facebook application, you can see in the reviews […]

BlackBerry Announces Issues Paying 3rd Party Developers

Over the last 6 years, I’ve been very fortunate to have released hundreds of mobile applications and games!  However, in an effort to help preserve the FileArchiveHaven branding and security focus, I’m proud to announce a brand new – cutting edge – video game company! This will leave mobile applications […]

Announcing the Launch of Red Iron Labs

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3D Virtual reality is cool. Please note:  I promised a full game, but actually its just a jumping cube!  Once I get a few free minutes, I’ll come back and update the code to make it more game like   So, if you haven’t, think about following the repository! I […]

Creating a Unity3D Game using Myo & OSVR (in under ...

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Earlier this month, Razer released a new update to their amazing OSVR helmet, specifically the third-generation hacker-kit.  For me, this is very important, as I’m starting to transition FileArchiveHaven from a 3-ecosystem mobile company to an 11-platform mobile gaming company.  Our big focus for 2016 is consoles and VR, and […]

OSVR Open Source Virtual Realty