Adobe Flash Browser for BlackBerry 10.3.1 – v1.0.0.24 Released 6

It wasn’t very long ago that I sent out a modified version of the Flash Browser for users to download!

For folks who say Flash is dead, the browser had 2500 downloads in the first hour!  Not bad for a hacked together solution

Adobe-Flash-iconWhat’s new:

Well a long time friend sent me some changes and I thought today would be a good day to rework some of the package, so I’m proud to say, version is now ready for public consumption.

  • New icon
  • New name
  • Removed the default URL in browser
  • Fixed an issue with disabling Flash

Where to get it:

Same old place as before!

Don’t want to mess with files? Buy it from AppWorld for 99 cents!  You can find it at:



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6 thoughts on “Adobe Flash Browser for BlackBerry 10.3.1 – v1.0.0.24 Released

  • tony

    Hi, Great piece of software! Unfortunately does not work with videos on – both V1.0.0.24 And .23. Using Blackberry Passport Keeps crashing every single time. Could you test this site to see what the problem is? Thanks, Tony

  • vince

    after updating to flash browser when i go to google home page it looks like its in desktop mode not mobile. It looks small. Any solution?

    • Lloyd Summers

      Check in the browsers settings if it is set to Mobile or Desktop mode. Adobe Flashon BlackBerry Browser 10.3 typically required Desktop mode.

  • vince

    Got the display working. It was in desktop mode. Trying to log into a chat online but getting the message “to view this page ,flashplayer 10 or greater must be installed. Not working . Help please

    • Lloyd Summers

      Your best bet would be to go user forums for help. Link. All the application is, is a repackage of the BlackBerry 10.3 browser with some hook changes for Flash – which unfortunately means there are a few websites that simply won’t work. The other thing is the website here is just me, so its hard to get help for more complex problems. Cheers!