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2wire_2700HGE_flash 5
Hello Everyone, This is in addition to the firmware problems we have been having with the MTU through Xbox on the 2Wire Telus brand router once it has been firmware reset (and ultimately bricked).  You can follow the first part of the post here: I believe this definitively shows […]

2wire 2700 HG-E – Internal’s

The title describes it all! Well, that and we upgraded to WordPress 3.1.  I killed the ‘connect WordPress to Facebook Login’ option though – I just don’t like the risk and problematic support. I mean, Facebook has never had the best security and it certainly has had its share of […]

Facebook buttons added! Why not :)

Hello everyone, After much debate has been moved albeit without most people being aware of it.  We have moved from godaddy which (besides having terrible commercials that are slightly offensive) has download speeds of 500kbps to site5 which is showing download speeds of 1100kbps in the Calgary area. With […]

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