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Hello everyone, Nzwasp and myself encountered a bug worth sharing. It seems that some users are losing their multiplayer maps during the upgrade. It appears this may be caused by the level.dat file(s) resetting. In our case, the map reappeared several days later. But it serves as a reminder that […]

Minecraft Bug 1.5

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See previous post: The computer has been assembled and is currently in beta mode. N82E16827136178 DVD BURNER LG | GH24LS50 LS % 1 21.99 N82E16814500118 VGA ZOTAC|ZT-72SE250-HSS 7200GS RT 1 24.99 N82E16820231422 MEM 4Gx2|G.SKILL F3-10600CL9D-8GBNT 1 78.49 N82E16812189196 SATA CABLE LINK DEPOT|SATA-39-90B R 3 1.99 N82E16813130290 MB MSI 870-G45 […]

New Computer in the Works (part 4)

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The goal – build a very decent computer for about $600 Canadian. Previous link(s): When the first shipment was ordered from Xeoxide – we received one beat up case.  After emailing them photos the damage, the immediately sent out a replacement.  In addition, we ordered the first drive […]

New Computer (In the works) / Part 3