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As a developer, there are many times where I don’t “quite” finish an application.  And today, while hunting for a screenshot, I realized my camera folder was full of hidden goodies. Sometimes I get busy, or I forget, or its a half-assembled project that I just don’t have time to […]

Beta Apps – Unfinished Toys

Hi All, You may notice I have started posting a more diverse set of information and instructions! Well, I’ve also started writing for a new tech site from Mobile Nations called Connectedly.  This doesn’t mean less articles here, just that the content will be more diverse.  So feel free to […]

Now Also Writing for Connectedly

  Have you ever wondered how to cure the hiccups?  Many a year ago, I was taught the ancient art of curing hiccups by a close friend named Christine.  Little did I know the trick she showed me would give me the ability to cure my hiccups for the next […]

How to Cure Hiccups