PCSX-ReARMed – PS1 Games on the PB

PCSX-ReARMed – PS1 Games on the PB

Finally, a real reason to upgrade to a 64GB PlayBook!

This awesome emulator lets you play many many many PS1 games (yes, FF7, Resident Evil, and many more work).  It has tons of features.  But why waste your time?

1)  Start some ISO’s (assuming you legally own the PS1 games, and it is legal in your country) through isohunt or another torrent engine.

2)  Sideload the PCSX emulator to your PB

3)  Run the PCSX emulator to create the folders.  Close the application.

4)  Download this BIOS to PB\media\misc\pcsx-rearmed-pb\

5)  Save your games to PB\media\misc\pcsx-rearmed-pb\iso

And done!

Thanks to Geoff for all the hard work!  I should mention, I have had no glitches on this.  There is lots of troubleshooting instructions in the forum thread – mostly just making sure your BIOS is correct.

Feature list and info available at the forum link:  http://forums.crackberry.com/playbook-apps-games-f243/playstation-emulator-playbook-pcsx-rearmed-pb-719186/

See the other emus and refresh projects here:  http://www.filearchivehaven.com/2012/02/01/must-have-applications-for-side-loading/