Beta testing Unity for PlayBook and BB10

Update:  I created a new post on the experience.  Unity: Software good, Support bad – worth reading.

Recently I was invited to a closed beta to test Unity’s PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 alpha release.

Having worked with marmalade, cascades and NDK in the past I was a little skeptical. Well wow what a pleasant surprise.


Building an application was beyond simple. It’s functionally a 3D editor that allows you to apply scripts.

It let’s you use JavaScript (cool), c# (yay) and something called boo (o-kay, do we need another language?)

Now the documentation is great. And there are plenty of videos to help. I followed this one carefully:

Assets are built in and accessible from the IDE through the asset store (plenty free and sorts by free)


So texturing is pretry sweet.

The only downside is the scary high price. You will pay a minimum of 400/platform. For premium cross platform your looking at 6,000.

So – fun,powerful, expensive. But a very unique experience none the less