Freeware Time : TextSplit File Parsing Tool

While creating some server side stuff today, I needed to split a text-file based on line number into two different files.  Which means creating a quick tool and giving it away for freeware.

NewToyThis is a very lightweight command line program I drafted up that will do just that.  It uses the format:

textSplit        inputFile splitRow# outputFile1 outputFile2

Lets say you have a file with 10 lines of a header.  You can use this to split the header into one file, and the rest of the document into a second file.


textSplit        myfile.txt 10 head.txt body.txt

Would split myfile.txt into the first 10 lines for head.txt and remaining lines into body.txt.

License:  Freeware

Download here!  Enjoy 🙂