Proud to Announce (Another GameBoy Emulator for BlackBerry 10) UnityGB4BB10!

What’s better than a game on your BlackBerry 10?

Many different games on your BlackBerry 10!

Well, thanks to some open source code that was left around by these awesome guys, I was able to port the code over to BlackBerry 10 and to build a fairly decent looking GUI for the GB emulator 🙂  I did spice it up a little bit and the emulator seems to be running pretty slick!  However, this is an early beta!



The rom selector took me quite a while to get sorted out today.  But here is what you need to know:

  • Store your roms in /media/misc/roms/gb

The emulator will automatically store screenshots and gamesaves in the same folder as well!  It currently does not work with GameBoy Color.  And I have cleaned up key-codes for Q users such as my self:

For Q users, here are the codes:

  • W – Up
  • A – Left
  • S – Down
  • D – Right
  • O – B
  • P – A
  • Start – Enter
  • Select – Space

You will notice as well that the on-screen buttons are much dimmer on the Q releases.  This is intentional, as most users will be using the keyboard.

Get the Version demo bar here, and make sure you know how to sideload it!

Get the source code here!