Hacking the EmoSPARK IP Camera

I saw someone earlier asking about accessing the IP camera, costs of the IP camera etc. I hacked into mine so I could do something with it (the EmoSPARK itself is fairly useless to me at the moment).  Below will show you how to connect this IP camera (retails about 35 USD on Amazon) to your BlackBerry or Android phone.

The actual camera is a VStarcam T6836WIP Camera

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/VStarcam-0-3MegaPixel-Technology-Surveillance-Detection/dp/B00R5ELA7Q

First, its important to mention that the IP Camera is a generic IP cam. Right now, it is probably connected to your network via ethernet. You don’t need to know the IP address to access the camera.

Note:  BlackBerry and Android users, you want to install this app.  For everyone else, your milage may vary.  But be aware I had plenty of virus alerts on the executables.

Go to the link above, and install the appropriate client. I’ve tested the Android app on my BlackBerry Passport – I’ve chosen to block some of the permissions because the applications permission requests look suspicious. But this will let you control the camera remotely from your computer or phone.

A couple of items to mention: To find the camera, it will do a search for a UID. Thats the long number on the bottom of the device with dashes in it, not the short 6 letter code. The QR code does not scan the right code. When prompted, just enter that into the software, and it will find the camera for you. The password is most likely 888888 for all devices – meaning this camera can be accessed by anyone connected to your network.


Once installed and connected to your phone, you can go into camera settings and setup the WiFi connection. Once you have set this part up, you can now get rid of that useless ethernet cable.

To use the camera on your phone, swipe left/right/up/down to move the camera around. Zoom doesn’t work. IR and such should work just fine.

Disclaimer: Messing with the camera is a bad idea because who knows what the EmoSPARK “expects” the camera to do. But if you want to at least be able to recycle the camera for some kind of nefarious purpose, you are free to do so!

Software Hacking

In other news, we’ve managed to pull all the system APK’s and stock APK’s from the manufacturer from the EmoSPARK, reverse engineer and decompile them to source code.  We should have some interesting findings shortly.

Later on this week, I will break down the source code for the camera as well for anyone who wants to access it in more detail.


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