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RetroRogue for BlackBerry 10 – Well Worth 99 cents


I just want to say, I gave this game a try, and absolutely love it.  Its a rogue-like, which I’ve been waiting forever for on BlackBerry 10.  Which is a fancy way of saying once you die – your DEAD.  No magical life number two.  You start all over.  This game is for the hardcore for sure.

There have been a few really fun little RPG games for BlackBerry 10 that I love, such as The Depths and this one.


For old-school looking Pixel-esque graphics, this game actually has a lot of beauty and effort in it.  There are plenty of animations, nice mobile-friendly pop-ups and interactions and a pretty straight forward gameplay.


The game starts with the old dungeon crawler experience.  You start as a surface dweller and work your way into the pits.  Combat is pretty straight forward just push towards your target.


I really liked all the items in the game.  It gives you a good idea of what it looks like compared to what you are wearing.


Above shows the inventory screen.  This is where you can handle your multiple items.  I’m not sure what happens when it gets full…


Above shows an actual dungeon and interactive play.  Rooms stay dark until you enter and explore them.


One thing I found very challenging was staying alive.  You tend to run low on health a lot!


And this is what it looks like when you can’t find a darned potion and die!  Ok, well I did attack everything on sight without thought.


All said and done, I really do enjoy this little BFB game.  One really nice feature:  The game remembers where you were and saves between plays, which helps a lot for busy folk who are always moving Smile.  And it even has builds for the PlayBook.

Get it here!

Read more on it here!

You won’t be disappointed.


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