RPG Tycoon Patching – Found Cheat and Console Commands for Gold – Followers – Loot

Get addicted to RPG Tycoon by Skatanic Studios but tired of the bugs?

While I was self-patching some bugs in the game, I came across the cheat codes. Figured I’d share em.  These can come in handy when games stop loading, or issues occur and you need to get back to where you were.

Warning: will mark the game as cheating and clears the CHALLENGER achievement.

Control+Shift+C will enable the console for entering commands.

  • GOTSTEAM (responds with SteamAPI.init())
  • LVLUP (levels up kingdom)
  • MOMONEH (adds 1000 gold)
  • FULLMOON (forward 1 month)
  • ANOTHERYEAR (forward 1 year)
  • BACKTOTHEFUTURE (goes to date 1,1,1,duration)
  • NOGOINGBACK (resets all SteamAPI stats)
  • OVER9000 (adds 99999999 gold, 100 followers, 9001 food, materials, advancedMaterials)
  • MRPOPULAR (adds 100 followers)
  • GETLOOT (random inventory items)
  • MODIFICATE (triggerNewWorldModifier ?)
  • BEHAPPY (add happiness)
  • BEFORTUNATE (add gold)
  • GETLUCKY (add luck)
  • RELEASEME (Release all Adventurers)
  • WHOMADETHISLIST (FileArchiveHaven.com)

Additional caution:  I’ve gone through the code and see very little error trapping.  So, make sure to only put these codes inside an active game slot or it will likely crash.