Want to know how to play SWF’s locally on the PlayBook?

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  Playing SWFs Locally or after Downloading Them to your PlayBook (including adding an icon!) Difficulty:  Pretty easy Step 1 – Install a Local Web Browser from the App Store.  In this case, Offline Viewer. Link:  http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/36273?lang=en Note:  This will let you browse only your root /media/downloads folder for viewing, however you can link to […]

Installing Android on your PlayBook

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Looking for the DDPB Installer to install Andorid Apps from Crackberry ?  Your at the wrong link!  You are linking for this one: http://www.filearchivehaven.com/2011/10/20/blackberry-android-and-thank-you-ddpb-installer/     Wanting Android apps on your PlayBook?  Or Beta apps like the AngryBirds?  This only works on old non 2.0 Beta OS users running 1.6. Below are some handy steps […]

Developing some Android Apps

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That’s right – I grabbed the Android SDK’s this weekend and have started to hobble together a bunch of applications. On a plus note, it looks like http://www.glbasic.com has added support not only for the GP2X and iOS devices but Android as well with the latest beta. The test applications are available here: http://www.filearchivehaven.com/games/android-games/ Who […]

Big Brother, spoiler alert!

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Warning:  Contains spoilers. As some of you may know, one of the members of Big Brother 13 has left the show early.  That would be Evel Dick. He has a video uploaded minutes ago about this on his http://RTVZone.com website. Following the HOH competition, Evel Dick vanished for 6 hours into the Diary Room to […]