Tethering a PlayBook through Rogers

Tethering a Laptop (PlayBook below) through Rogers

Requirements:  You need to be running BlackBerry OS 5+ on your phone, and BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5+.  You need a 1GB+ data plan with Rogers.

If your like me, and you follow the Rogers drafted tethering instructions, you may find tt it will not connect. 

Instructions are below for both PC and PlayBook but could be wrapped to many devices.

Tethering your PC

Step 1. Install the BlackBerry Desktop Software 6

Step 2. Install the BlackBerry Modem Drivers 6

Step 3. Connect your BlackBerry to your PC

Step 4. Launch the BlackBerry Desktop Software 6

Step 5.  Wait for it to connect and select Tools > Mobile Internet Settings

Step 6. Add a new group called ‘Rogers Two’

Step 7. Use the following credentials.  Do not use the ones provided by the Rogers profile they simply do not work

username:  wapuser1
password: wap
access point: internet.com
Step 8. Press OK

Step 9. Use Tools > Start Mobile Internet and your done!
Note:  If you see an error about PPP, this means you used the Rogers default of apn.net or something therein.  If it simply will not connect, make sure you have the modem drivers installed.  And if your PC doesnt connect (but your PlayBook does) you will need to adjust your modem settings.

Modem Fixing Instructions (for PC connection) here.

Useless Rogers instructions here.

Access discussion here.

Tethering a PlayBook through Rogers

Step 1.  Click on the options button (top right)

Step 2.  Select Internet Tethering

Step 3. Click on your Phone in the list

Step 4.  When asked for credentials, again do not use Rogers defaults.  Use the following.

username:  wapuser1
password: wap
access point: internet.com

Step5.  You should be done!

Basic instructions here.

You can tether just about anything using this now.  Make sure you are using a 1GB+ download plan or Rogers will charge you per KB.  If you have 1GB+ for a download data plan, Rogers will not charge you for tethering.



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