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Tethering a Laptop (PlayBook below) through Rogers Requirements:  You need to be running BlackBerry OS 5+ on your phone, and BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5+.  You need a 1GB+ data plan with Rogers. If your like me, and you follow the Rogers drafted tethering instructions, you may find tt it will […]

Tethering a PlayBook through Rogers

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  Streaming Video to your PlayBook – iPad below. (Anyone have Android suggestions?) For those of you who stream video to your Xbox 360 via Tversity, this should be an easy change. You have several different options, most of them are browser based. ORB is one of the best.  I  […]

Streaming Video to your Tablet

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  Playing SWFs Locally or after Downloading Them to your PlayBook (including adding an icon!) Difficulty:  Pretty easy Step 1 – Install a Local Web Browser from the App Store.  In this case, Offline Viewer. Link:  http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/36273?lang=en Note:  This will let you browse only your root /media/downloads folder for viewing, […]

Want to know how to play SWF’s locally on the ...