App Suggestions Decided!

App Suggestions Decided!

Some of you Crackberry junkies like myself, may have followed on a fun little post.  You see, I have some free time and I had a fun idea.  To ask the community what apps they want and to put some time into building them.

Link to post:  http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?p=6995776#post6995776

So after a complicated week, all of the submitted apps were compiled into a file:  See on Google Docs.

The idea is simple, to turn the users into designers and build some revolutionary apps I might not think of otherwise!  And to split the money with them too 🙂  So, here are the results!

First Place Winner

$50 – Name:  vgwillm  Project:  Medical journal for people to detail anything unusual for later review.

$15 – Name: joe.blow2  Project:  Panoramic Camera

$5 – Name: RoboticGolem  Project:  Confidential

I will also be working on 4 other small related applications.  The goal is to finish it within 1 month!  Congrats to the winners, and I will be coming back to this list in the future.  Hopefully other developers will pitch-in and we can turn this bucket/wish list into reality.

Thanks for contributing to the project!  And hopefully some cool apps will come from this 🙂






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