Secure Browser Released!

Secure Browser Released!

A new announcement to be made.  My Secure Browser (formerly Desktop Browser) has been approved for release.

Download the application here: 

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Information below from the AppWorld:


Secure Browser

Thank you for previewing this browser.

What is it:
Secure Browser is a simplified web-browser that protects your information as the ultimate privacy browser.  This browser does not allow access to browser history, it has privacy modes, and password protects your favorites!  It is the perfect browser for protecting your information and allowing you to change your browser type. 

This browser is not intended to replace the stock BlackBerry® PlayBook™ browser, but accompanies it by providing a secure alternative for protecting your information.

Why you need it:
Many websites restrict your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ by constantly pushing you to mobile websites.  Many office applications and websites require specific browsers.  And in many cases the QNX browser is able to handling these.  This browser allows you to change your user-agent to bypass mobile websites and limited URLs.  In addition, this browser allows you to password protect your favorites. 

This is important for restricting access to your work URL's and information.

How does the Authentication Work?
Your password is a separate encrypted password from your normal BlackBerry® PlayBook™ password.  You need to authenticate once everytime the browser is launched.  And authentication will remain for the remainder of the user session.  You will not need to re-authenticate until you close and re-open the browser.


* User Agent Modes:
-  FireFox 5
-  IE 7
-  Chrome 15
-  Safari 5
-  BB9800
-  Android 2.3
-  iPad2 5.0.2
-  BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS1
-  Netscape 9.1
-  Opera 12
-  Konqueror 4.5
* Set default font size
* Set default URL
* Password Protect your Favorites
-  Can be turned off
* Privacy Mode
* Works through Tether & Bridge
* Validates URLs
* You can 'google' from the URL bar
* Strong error trapping
* Prevents access to History

How To Request Features:
Request any features you want in the Reviews, or you can contact me at for help/feature requests.

What languages did you test on?
- Only English

What OS's did you test on?
- OS1 and OS2 Compatible

I found a bug!  Where do I report it?

My browser is acting strange, what can I do?
- You can try resetting your settings

What is lost when I reset?
- You lose:  Password, Favorites, Settings

Why is Reset not password protected?
- I needed a self-recovery method for users in case they lose their passwords

Will I need to pay for upgrades?
- Never

Do you support multiple tabs?
- No, this appears beyond the scope of AIR

 Feature requests, questions, etc.  Are all very much welcomed!  I hope you enjoy this browser as much as I do working on it.